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Contest winners donate pipettes to university

In our last #passionforscience photo contest, a German Sartorius sales team won the first place. The winning team decided to donate a part of their prize – two pipettes – to the Weihenstephan-Triesdorf University of Applied Sciences. The donee Wolfgang Watermeyer from the Department of Biotechnology and Bioinformatics was excited about this new liquid handling equipment: “The pipettes are great. I like them much better than our previous ones.”

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Claristep® syringeless filters: The new easiness

Preparing samples by particle removal is an essential step prior to nearly all analytical techniques such as high pressure liquid chromatography (HPLC). We have developed an easy-to-use and straightforward filtration setup. The manually operated Claristep® filtration system, consisting of a station and filter units, offers a novel way for clarifying your samples prior to analysis.

Effective removal of endotoxins in cell culture applications

Our point-of-use ultrafilter arium® CellPlus helps efficiently remove endotoxins, RNase, DNase, microorganisms and particles. Designed for arium® mini and arium® comfort ultrapure water systems, this sterile-packaged ultrafilter provides the highest safety for your critical cell culture applications. Learn more about arium® CellPlus here:

Cubis® Q-Apps: Increase efficiency & reliability in your weighing process

Download our customer-specific applications, called Q-Apps, to turn your Cubis® laboratory balance into a Cubis® individual. The convenient apps will guide you step by step through the particular weighing process selected. Learn more about the benefits and features of Cubis® Q-Apps here:

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February 14, 2017 – LA Abcoude, The Netherlands: Pipetting Forum

Find out about the most important do’s and don’ts at our Pipetting Forum in LA Abcoude, The Netherlands on February 14, 2017. You’ll obtain background information, practical knowledge and tips that even experienced users will find enlightening. Register now:

Research Xchange Forum: Last call for early bird registration

Join our Research Xchange Forum on February 22 & 23, 2017 to get insights into the latest developments in oncology from renowned international industry and academic speakers. The early bird discount for our forum expires on December 15, 2016. So hurry up and register now!

Application Note: Choose your mechanical pipette wisely

Accuracy and precision are two of the most critical aspects when choosing a pipette. Read our application note to learn which other factors need to be considered when selecting a mechanical pipette for your professional laboratory work.


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February 14, 2017 – LA Abcoude, The Netherlands

Pipetting Forum

Pipetting is one of the activities most frequently performed in a lab, and just the slightest deviation will have a negative impact on your results. Correct pipetting techniques and the proper functioning of your pipette are the decisive basics to obtain correct test results. You’ll obtain background information, practical knowledge and tips that even experienced users will find enlightening.


February 22-23, 2017 – Goettingen, Germany

Research Xchange Forum

Our Research Xchange Forum provides keynote lectures from internationally renowned academics and leading biopharma R&D executives, addressing the latest developments in cancer research and treatments. To stimulate dialogue about the next generation of innovative solutions interdisciplinary research we are bringing together academia, industry and cross-sector organizations culminating in a panel discussion between stakeholders.


March 16-17, 2017 – Brussels, Belgium

Laborama 2017

Laborama Expo is the most important trade fair for the laboratory sector in Belgium. The event offers producers and distributors of laboratory equipment a platform where they can show their products, discuss current trends and enhance their network within the market. Visit Sartorius and discover our entire range of lab products and services. Booth C4.


March 28-30, 2017 – Paris, France

Forum Labo 2017

Forum Labo is a benchmark event for research, development and control laboratories in the fields of biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, cosmetology, agro-food and environment. Meet us there to see our latest lab innovations and solutions. Paris expo Porte de Versailles. Booth B54-C55.



Sartorius Lab Academies – the individual Training Sessions programmed for Success

Professional and individual training sessions are the key to successful lab work. That’s why we created our training program focusing on making your workflows even more productive while increasing quality awareness.

Maximize your performance! Discover the possibilities and choose from a selection of customized training courses in pipetting, filtration, lab weighing and lab water purification.

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Over 6,800 people worldwide contribute to the success of Sartorius with their ideas, expert knowledge and passion to excel. Our employees appreciate freedom, have a strong desire to grow personally and professionally and really put their hearts into their work. Get to know our dedicated staff and find out everything about your own career opportunities with Sartorius.

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Sartorius’ #passionforscience dates back nearly 150 years


It all started at the University of Goettingen, Germany, when former “university mechanician” Florenz Sartorius laid the cornerstone for the fine precision weighing company: In 1870, Sartorius went into business by setting up his mechanical workshop named "Feinmechanische Werkstatt F. Sartorius." His pioneering invention – the short-beam analytical balance – revolutionized work in research labs because he used a new lightweight aluminum.


In 1898, Sartorius established a new production site on Weender Landstrasse in Goettingen which will remain the company’s headquarters until 2018.


Sartorius is converted to a publically traded company. By now the "Sartorius-Werke AG" were divided into four “departments” according to the different product groups: 1. balances, 2.microtomes, 3. thermostats and incubators, 4. geodetic, astronomic & terrestrial magnetic instruments. The company becomes world-renowned in various scientific and technical industries: At the time, the "Sartorius-Werke AG" exports about 60 percent of its production to foreign countries.


Richard Zsigmondy invents the "cold ultrafilter" in 1922. These filters serve as the basis for commercial-scale production of Sartorius separation and filter technology products.


In 1927, together with the chemistry Nobel Prize Laureate Richard Zsigmondy, Sartorius establishes the limited liability company called “Membranfiltergesellschaft mbH”. The membranes invented by Zsigmondy lay the foundation for the development of membrane filtration at Sartorius: For example, Sartorius nowadays manufactures specialty membranes that are used as test strips in pregnancy test kits.


Sartorius’ first electromagnetic force-compensating (EMC) balance, the Elektrono 1, enters commercial production.


The first microbalance for weighing under normal atmospheric conditions is introduced by Sartorius.


The 100,000th analytical balance is produced.


Sartorius builds the first electronic precision and analytical balances. The resulting boom in orders leads to the founding of numerous foreign subsidiaries and contributes decisively to the significance of the Sartorius Group today.


The first nanogram balance sets the world record for the most precise weighing. This balance is used to weigh the moon rocks that astronaut Neil Armstrong brought back to Earth from his expedition.


The first top-loading analytical balance is presented.


The first automatic unit for integrity testing of membrane filter systems is launched.


Sartorius Liquid Handling (formerly known as Biohit) develops the first electronic pipette. Two years later, Proline®, the first commercially successful electronic pipette, is launched.


Sartorius goes public.


The world's first ultra-microbalance debuts with a weighing capacity featuring a resolution of 21 million digits and an accuracy of 0.1 µg. (Picture: Electronic ultra-microbalance from 1974, capacity: 3 g; readability: 0.3 µg)


Sartorius expands its portfolio by acquiring Vivascience (innovative products for cell culture technology, protein purification and ultrafiltration) and Denver Instrument Company (laboratory balances and measurement technology).


Sartorius acquires B. Braun Biotech International, the world’s leading manufacturer of fermenters, bioreactors and cell cultivation systems.


Sartorius buys a 100% stake in application specialist Omnimark Instrument Corporation (moisture analysis) based in Arizona, USA. (Picture: Moisture analyzer portfolio)


Together with the Technical University of Ilmenau, Germany, Sartorius develops the most exact precision balance in the world. With the so-called super mass comparator, one-kilogram prototypes – used by national metrological institutes to calibrate weights – can be calibrated by measuring weight differences in the nanogram range.


Sartorius acquires the liquid handling segment of Biohit, the Finnish laboratory specialist. With liquid handling, the Group adds a key component to its product offering for laboratory instruments.


Sartorius moves up to the TecDAX, the leading index of the 30 largest and most liquid German technology stocks.


Sartorius acquires U.S. based IntelliCyt Corporation, an award-winning innovator and manufacturer of cell screening platforms used in drug discovery, and ViroCyt, a specialist for rapid virus quantification.


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Fall in love with our broad range of innovative and flexible laboratory solutions:

  • Produce as much pure and ultrapure water as you need – in accordance with highest quality standards and select a purifying system that fits perfectly into your lab space.
  • Perform your liquid handling tasks with incredibly ergonomic pipettes to prevent RSI while always obtaining absolute exact results.
  • Centrifugalize your samples with the ideal speed for your application and enjoy the silent operation that allows you to work on other tasks in the meantime.
  • Rely on our field-proven sample prep solutions for filtration and ultrafiltration applications.
  • Benefit from Sartorius' long-standing expertise in microbiological quality control while increasing your performance and enhancing your workflows.
  • Choose from a wide selection of ultramicro, micro, analytical and precision balances from entry-level to high-performance models.
  • Get the support of our global service team from installation and qualification to preventive maintenance, calibrations, repairs and extended warranty services.

The Sartorius Lab Products & Services division supplies high-quality lab instruments such as balances, pipettes, centrifuges and lab water purification systems. Moreover, we offer the widest range of consumables, which include filters, pipette tips and products for microbiological control. In addition, Sartorius provides a comprehensive range of accredited and quality services to extend the lifetime and ensure the continuous accuracy, precision and functionality of your laboratory instruments - all from a single source.

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