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Simple and Automatic Aeration System

  • Does not require any manual adjustment of flow meters
  • Straightforward setup for easy use: connect the aeration tubing, configure the aeration profile and enter the  DO set point – that’s it!

Intuitive User Guidance

  • Intuitive operation for easy control by beginners and experienced users alike

Fast Load Peristaltic Pumps

  • Enables tubing to be installed within three seconds
  • No pinched fingers, torn gloves or tubing slippage in the peristaltic pump head

Integrated Recirculation Chiller

  • Permits fermentation in any laboratory
  • Minimizes water usage

Glass and Single-use

  • More flexibility day in, day out
  • UniVessel® Glass - Available with single-wall glass vessels in a choice of working volumes of 1, 2 or 5 liters maximum
  • UniVessel® SU – disposable cultivation vessel available with a maximum 2-liter working volume

Fed-batch Control

  • Higher cell densities with fed-batch processes
  • Easy-to-implement substrate profiles in the menu for controlling an external variable speed pump

BIOSTAT® A. The small bioreactor for great results in cell cultivation and microbial fermentation.

No matter if you are a novice or an experienced professional in cell cultivation, recombinant protein expression or microbial fermentation, you will definitely benefit from the powerful capabilities of this small yet versatile entry-level bioreactor. Take a closer look and you’ll definitely be amazed to discover that BIOSTAT® A combines all features and functions essential for the measurement and control of optimal cultivation conditions in a compact and fully automated system.

Experience the peace of mind knowing that BIOSTAT® A will keep your cells safe and well taken care of at all times – even if you are away from the lab.

Catalog description of BIOSTAT® A

Sartorius Service.
A strong team dedicated to your success.

Meet your quality requirements easily. Thanks to Sartorius’ expertise, you will consistently obtain results that fully comply with your standards. Experience the advantages of our first-class equipment qualification, preventive maintenance and calibration, and benefit from our comprehensive training courses – all tailored to your needs.

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Sartorius Training & Lab Academy

Sartorius offers a wide range of training courses that teach the theoretical fundamentals about Sartorius products and specific applications. They are designed to streamline your workflows, making you more efficient, while raising quality awareness. As a result, operating errors are reduced and the quality of the results is improved.

Benefits: at a glance

  • Ideal combination of theoretical knowledge and practical applications
  • Updates on the latest sector trends and market information
  • Seminars are designed to improve processes and to reduce workflow challenges
  • Interactive work in small groups, contact to other colleagues in your field

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Sartorius Instrument Service

At Sartorius, high-quality products go hand in hand with professional service. With our service offerings, we ensure the safe and optimal operation of your laboratory instruments. That means, we cover the entire life cycle of your Equipment – from commissioning through qualification up to regular maintenance.

  • Installation & Commissioning: Provides safe and proper operation of your equipment – right from the start
  • Qualification (IQ/OQ): Guarantees compliance with GLP requirements and easy integration in your qm-systems
  • Calibration: Ensures compliance with regulatory requirements and accurate results in the longterm
  • Maintenance: Provides  optimal instrument operation and protection against potential downtimes
  • Repair & Spare Parts: In the event of a service  request we are quickly at your side with the necessary spare parts

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Long-term Manufacturer Expertise:
We’ll find the service solution best for you

We serve our customers all across the globe – with service contracts and a full range of services and training courses just right to suit every need. Together with you, we will find the best service solution for your equipment.

  • Backed by nearly 150 years of experience: As  long-term service partner, we’ll be right with you at your side whenever you need us
  • Promise that our customers’ feedback goes into the design of our products  – and that these products are easy to service. Many Sartorius instruments indicate when maintenance or calibration is due
  • 400 service specialists who are optimally trained on the latest technologies  and trends. We have more than 650 service team members who continuously work towards improving customer experience and attend to your queries.
  • Sartorius calibrates 300,000 pipettes and laboratory balances each year. Overall, we have calibration laboratories in 24 countries

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Display and Control Module

Exceptional operating convenience with an integrated Q-App. Monitoring of climate and liquid data to ensure compliance with maximum permissible errors.

The maximum permissible errors can be adapted to individual requirements.
The current climate data is accessible during the workflow
The maximum permissible errors for connected accessory can be configured to national and international standards.
The remaining available volume is continously displayes.

Dedicated Weighing Modules

  • High-precision gravimetric testing
  • Constant monitoring of humidity conditions inside the weighing chamber by an integrated humidity sensor
  • Fully automated opening and closing mechanism based on a motion control sensor
  • Optimal illumination of the entire weighing area
  • A red LED lights up whenever climate parameters are out of tolerance

Climate Control Tower

  • Automatic data collection at the calibration station
  • Continuously sends all climate data of the surrounding measurement environment to the weighing module, which compares the actual climate conditions with the predefined maximum permissible errors
  • Triggers a red LED alert if environmental conditions are out of tolerance

Liquid Reservoir

  • Easy and secure handling of calibration medium
  • Internal temperature sensor ensures compliance with predefined maximum permissible errors
  • Triggers a red LED alert whenever the temperature is out of tolerance

Suction Pump for Aspiration of Liquids

  • Fast and effective aspiration of pipetted liquids
  • Powerful, robust and easy to operate

Cubis® MPS – the only pipette calibration system that takes responsibility for compliance with testing conditions

The pipette calibration system Cubis® MPS fully monitors all climate data. All ambient data and the temperature of the testing liquid are automatically measured before, during and after the calibration process. Cubis® is the only balance in the world that is capable of measuring the humidity inside the weighing chamber instead of in the surrounding lab environment. All data measured is directly checked, and the system signals when you can start the calibration process or when you need to stop due to out-of-tolerance measurements.

Delegate the responsibility of maintaining identical testing conditions to the Cubis® system and ensure that your pipette calibration complies with the applicable standards at all times.

Catalog description of Cubis® MPS



Ergonomic Design

  • Comfortable handle and finger hook enable the pipette to rest lightly in the hand

4-digit display

  • Large, clear display helps to set the volume exactly
  • Volume is easy to read even when the pipette is angled

Calibration adjustment

  • Easy adjustment for various types of liquids
  • Adjustment scale shows the degree of adjustment

Safe-Cone filters

  • Unique Safe-Cone Filter ejector enables easy removal of the filters by pressing the plunger and tip ejector
  • Helps to prevent contamination cost-effectively
  • Available for all models > 10 µl 

Optilock - Volume Locking

  • Prevents accidental volume change during pipetting
  • Dual function of the Optilock enables volume setting with one or two hands

Optiject & Optiload

  • Low tip loading and ejection forces
  • Optiject levered tip ejection feature, lets the tip detach in a smooth controlled way 
  • Optiload feature with spring-loaded tip cones secures tip loading with perfect sealing and minimal force

Tacta - the new perfectly balanced mechanical pipette.

Have you ever wished to experience a perfectly balanced pipette? With the new premium mechanical pipette Tacta you finally can. Our cutting-edge solution was designed to meet and accommodate your each and every requirement: Superb comfort and reliability combined with intelligent safety technologies.

Enjoy the Tacta experience and feel the difference.

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arium® 5-liter bag

  • Easy and fast replacement in less than 5 minutes
  • High user safety as it eliminates the need for cleaning chemicals
  • Consistent water quality due to the closed tank system
  • Special S71 material consists of a high-gas barrier multilayer film

arium® Scientific Pack

  • High-performance capacity thanks to efficient ion exchange resins
  • Effective adsorption of impurities by high-grade activated carbon
  • Optimal crossflow behavior prevents separation of the mixed-bed resin
  • Patented connection method for easy replacement of consumables

arium® mini plus pre-treatment cartridge

  • Highly efficient catalyst for removing oxidizing agents, such as chlorine
  • Low-energy membranes for ecological and economical operation
  • Highly efficient reverse osmosis membranes for efficient retention of contaminants

arium® UV lamp (185/254 nm)

  • Horizontally installed for optimal temperature gradients
  • Effectively eliminates organic compounds
  • Prevents the growth of microorganisms
  • Easy to replace

arium® sterilizing-grade filter

  • Excellent service lifetime and flow rates
  • Validated according to HIMA and ASTM F-838-05
  • Integrity tested and certified quality
  • Meets WFI quality standards pursuant to the USP incl. plastic class VI test
  • Manufactured in compliance with DIN EN ISO 9001

arium® mini – the only system with bagtank technology

Rely on the highest water quality consistently – day in, day out. Our new ultrapure water system  arium® mini with its unique bagtank for daily usage of up to 10 liters is your key to success when it comes to obtaining reliable and reproducible results.

With this additional certainty in your results, you not only will save time, but also increase the efficiency of your research.

An optional, sterile-packaged ultrafilter provides the highest safety for your critical cell culture applications. This arium® CellPlus is a point-of-use ultrafilter for efficient removal of endotoxins, Rnase, Dnase, microorganisms and particles.

Catalog description of arium® mini

Catalog description of arium® CellPlus



Claristep® Station

  • Grooves in station lid for aligning the caps of Claristep® Filters
  • Manual operation; no need for a vacuum source or a power supply
  • Simultaneous lid closure
  • Filtration of 60 μL to 600 μL sample volumes
  • Hold-up volume < 30 μL

Claristep® Filter

  • Liquid is pressed through membrane by an air pocket that forms over the filter unit when the station is closed
  • Contamination-free results due to short contact time of samples with the filters and the caps
  • Choice of 2 pore sizes
  • Filtrates are collected in any choice of 12 x 32 mm sample vials

Claristep® Station Tray

  • Removable and exchangeable tray
  • Perfect fit for any 12 x 32 mm vials of any type
  • Secure holding and transportation of filled sample vials

Claristep® – the most ergonomic sample preparation solution

Simplify the tedious and time-consuming task of daily sample preparation. From now on, you will reduce time and effort – even waste – by using our new syringeless Claristep® filtration system. Its patent-pending design enables you to clarify 8 samples fast and simultaneously.

Moreover, you will also minimize hand stress. Just gently press the station lid once to filter instead of having to repeat this exhausting procedure 8 times with disposable syringes.

Catalog description of Claristep®



Cooling Options

  • Compressor cooling
  • Temperature range of the various models from -20°C to +40°C
  • Adjustable in increments of 1°C
  • Guaranteed 4°C at maximum speed
  • CFC-free (R404a) coolant

User-friendly Menu

  • Easy-to-read display
  • Intuitive menu
  • Storage of customized acceleration and deceleration profiles
  • 10 to 60 programs for the various models


  • Motorized and electromechanically locked lid
  • Automatic lid-lock release

Centrisart®* – the silent centrifuge family

Whichever your application and space requirements, our new Centrisart®* centrifuge family offers you just the right solution. Choose from micro, universal and high-speed centrifuges with different cooling options and capacities..

Enjoy the virtually silent operation of every model, even at the highest speeds. As a result, you can concentrate completely on your work – without interfering noise.

Catalog description of Centrisart®*

*not available in UK



Draft shield

  • Automatic, motorized draft shield with learning function - remembers every position of the glass panels
  • High mechanical stability; doors glide open effortlessly and silently
  • Opens at the touch of an ergonomic key or touch-free with optional infrared sensor

Optional Q-Stat Ionizer

  • Integrated into the DI draft shield
  • Eliminates electrostatic charges at the touch of a key
  • Effective principle of four ion jets for stable and correct weighing results

Cubis® Individual

  • Individualize your Cubis® by downloading Q-Apps from the Sartorius App Center
  • Q-Apps can be customized according to personal requirements and needs
  • Q-Apps can cover a complete laboratory workflow without using a computer next to the balance


  • Cubis® checks, documents and automatically performs levelling
  • Internal motors level your Cubis® within seconds

Q-Com for unlimited communication

  • Comprehensive communication concept to support the integration of your Cubis® into your processes and IT structure
  • Nearly any type of bidirectional communication with USB, RS232C, Ethernet and additionally SD card is possible
  • Cubis® MSA offers modern web services communication for process integration and data transfer

Cubis® – the first modular-designed lab balance series

Our premium laboratory balances of the Cubis® series are the benchmark for use in regulated sectors. Their modular design allows you to configure your optimal balance for your process. Choose any entry-level to high-performance model from a wide selection of ultra-micro, micro, analytical, precision and high-capacity balances.

With the unique Cubis® individual software, you easily integrate data into your software infrastructure. A broad variety of standardized applications (Q-Apps) are available for you to download from the Sartorius App Center. If your task goes beyond our standard selection, our Cubis® individual specialists will create your personal Q-App to meet your requirements.

Catalog description of Cubis®



Ergonomic design

  • Extremely light weight, starting from 100 grams
  • Comfortable handle and finger hook enable pipette to rest lightly in your hand
  • Minimized muscle strain thanks to conveniently located soft-touch operating button and electronic tip ejection

Multi-level password protection

  • Enables the use of separate administrator and user profiles
  • Protects your pipette settings from unauthorized modifications
  • Restricts usage to specific individuals or groups

Service reminder

  • Maintenance and calibration reminders alert you when service is required
  • Possibility to lock the pipette, when its use is to be prevented, e.g. in case of contamination or if service is due

Microwell plate tracker

  • Guides you to pipette into the correct well
  • Works both with 96 and 384-well plates

Safe-Cone filter

  • Helps to prevent contamination cost-effectively
  • Available for all models > 10 µl
  • Easily replaceable
  • To be used with non-filtered tips

Certificate of accredited 3-point calibration

  • Delivered with every Picus® NxT
  • Conforms to the strictest lab regulations
  • Compliant with ISO 17025 and ISO 8655 standards

Pipetting modes and protocols

  • Help streamlining the workflow
  • Protocols allow building custom pipetting sequences of several modes
  • Save up to three protocols with up to 10 steps each for repeated use

Easy operation

  • Adjustment wheel allows extremely fast volume setting and menu navigation
  • Intuitive user interface with a range of language options: English, French, German, Russian, and Chinese

Picus® NxT – the lightest electronic pipette family

Enjoy a new level of comfort, security and efficiency in pipetting. Our new Picus® NxT family conforms to the strictest laboratory regulations and comes with a certificate of accredited 3-point calibration.

With its unique light weight – starting from 100 grams – and its ergonomic design, Picus® NxT minimizes the strain on your muscles. An extensive range of pipetting modes and user-definable protocols enables you to define your pipetting workflows according to your needs, speeding up your work as a result.

Catalog description of Picus® NxT



Microsart® @filter

  • Combination of funnel, filter and base support
  • 100 ml or 250 ml funnel and gridded membrane ready to use in one unit
  • Due to the click-fit fastening the funnel can be removed without powerful cracking of plastic
  • Bayonet closure for an easy adjustment and removal onto the stainless-steel manifold
  • Different types of membrane filter colors and pore sizes available

Microsart® @media

  • Agar dishes pre-filled with different types of media according to USP and EP
  • Sterile packaged and ready to use
  • Active lid fits perfectly onto filter base for touch-free membrane transfer from the Microsart® @filter to the agar
  • Liftable interior lid for easy access to colonies after incubation

Microsart® e.jet transfer pump

  • Vacuum laboratory pump able to create sufficient vacuum for vacuum filtration and concomitantly transferring the filtered liquid directly to waste
  • Constant flow rates and a defined maximum vacuum (600 mbar) for smooth and reliable filtration of microorganisms
  • Ideal in combination with Microsart® Combi.jet, @filter and @media

Microsart® Combi.jet manifold

  • 2-branch manifold made of high-grade stainless steel
  • Designed for easy connection with Microsart® e.jet transfer pump
  • Optimal equipment for the microbiological quality control test with Microsart® @media and @filter
  • Sterile venting prevents secondary contamination of the underside of the filter

Microsart® @media and @filter – touch-free usage for total safety

Enhance the safety of your Microbial Limit Test according to the USP and EP. Together with the Microsart® @filter units, our Microsart® @media dishes introduce a unique, touch-free agar and membrane transfer concept.

The media dishes are pre-filled with different media types. Their active lid allows you to transfer the membrane from the base of the filtration unit to the agar. Without having to use any tweezers, you will therefore reduce your risk of secondary contamination to nearly zero. The special media dish and lid design prevents air bubbles from being entrapped.

At the same time, the click-fit closure of the filter funnel permits fast and easy removal of the funnel after filtration. You won’t need any additional expensive devices to facilitate removal.

Catalog description of Microsart®


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