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Working with all their hearts

Get to know a few of the 6,800 people worldwide who work with all their hearts for Sartorius. Find out what motivates them, what they love about their job and how they discovered their own #passionforscience.

Eric Cooper – USA

Sales Representative
With Sartorius since 2011
Enjoys writing, exercising, playing organized sports and traveling.

"Once I was at an outdoor vendor fair with attendees ranging from the most accomplished scientists and researchers to grade school children. I remember demonstrating 'ease of use' on our Cubis® balance. What I found was the children picked up the concepts as easy as the trained professionals, which let me know that we are doing something right."

Dalmo Jose Cabral Silva – Brazil

Regional Sales Manager
With Sartorius since 2000
Enjoys spending time with his family and cross motorcycling.

"Sartorius is always improving its technology. Having studied chemistry, I enjoy passing this on to our clients and seeing how they benefit from our innovative solutions."

Steffi Barke – Germany

Sales Representative
With Sartorius since 2008
Enjoys her family, horse back riding, running, working out in the gym and traveling.

"I am living my #passionforscience every day when interacting with my customers. They challenge me with new requests and their ideas and visions. If I am in doubt I can always call my colleagues and ask for advice. The team work is really great."


Fang Chen – China

R&D Manager
With Sartorius since 2003
Enjoys reading, listening to music and traveling.

"I find our work fascinating: We, at Sartorius, created the highest resolution for a balance and we are still working on even better systems to make life easier for our customers."

Steffen Gloth – Germany

Product Manager High Performance Balances & Individual Solutions
With Sartorius since 2006
Enjoys music, mountain biking, rock climbing and alpine hiking.

"I'm especially passionate about connecting all of our systems digitally. I also try to do this at home. Sometimes this is hard because I can buy products but the vendors don't care whether they fit to what I already have. At my work, I want to be different. With our Cubis® lab balance we focus on our customers' applications. Together, we'll even try to improve them. We can embed our product into our customers' IT infrastructure. That's the way to go for the future."

Abhijit Ghosh - India

Director Sales
With Sartorius since 1998
Enjoys trekking and climbing, reading, long drives and photography.

"When graduating in chemistry, physics and math I started to dive into the world of science and I still do. For example, with Sartorius I had the opportunity to be part of the installation of the CCL 1007 at the National Physical Laboratory (the national metrology institute) in India. I was really proud to be part of this. The CCL 1007 is an electronic mass comparator by Sartorius with a vacuum chamber and load alternator for 1 kg mass prototypes. This instrument is unique in application and only offered by Sartorius."


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