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Science Quote of the Week

Happy birthday Edward Teller! The Hungarian-American theoretical physicist would have turned 110 years old today. He expressed the importance of scientific work with the following words: "The science of today is the technology of tomorrow."

Science Quote of the Week

Happy Make Your Dream Come True Day! Is there a dream you have been dreaming for a while? Then find a way to make it a reality. Fulfilling your dream may not be easy and probably will not be done overnight. But it is always worth trying and working hard to make it come true. Or, to put it in the words of American zoologist Dian Fossey: "Dreams seldom materialize on their own."

Ultrapure water for accurate HPLC-SEC

The purity of the water used in HPLC-SEC is essential. As proven in tests, arium® pro VF ultrapure water is excellent for preparing SEC (size exclusion chromatography) mobile phases. As a result, no ghost peaks or peak shifts are detectable during SEC.

Science Quote of the Week

Which are the most promising words you enjoy hearing in the lab? With this week's science quote, we share Isaac Asimov's opinion on this topic: "The most exciting phrase to hear in science, the one that heralds new discoveries, is not 'Eureka!' but 'That's funny...'"

Research Xchange Forum: Early bird discount ends on January 15

There are only a few days left to secure your early bird ticket for the upcoming Research Xchange Forum (March 20-21). So hurry up and register for our event in Goettingen, Germany, to gain insights into latest findings and best practices in regenerative medicine and cell therapy.

How to choose the right bottle-top dispenser

There are various aspects that you need to consider when choosing the most suitable bottle-top dispenser for your work. This practical guide concisely explains these criteria to enable you to select the bottle-top dispenser version that meets your requirements best.

Syringeless filtration of phthalate samples for GC-MS analysis

Filtration to clarify particle-laden environmental samples is a common preparatory step for GC-MS analysis of phthalates. In the test described in our application note, we demonstrate that 0.45 μm and 0.2 μm Claristep® syringeless filtration units are suitable for cleaning up phthalate samples by filtration.

Sartorius received Laborpraxis milestone award

At the 40th anniversary celebration of Laborpraxis, the renowned German laboratory journal, Sartorius received the milestone award in the category of weighing technology. This prize recognizes Sartorius for the innovative strength and technology leadership it has sustained since its founding.

Science Quote of the Week

"On this day long ago, a child was born who, by age 30, would transform the world. Happy Birthday Isaac Newton b. Dec 25, 1642" (tweet by astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson). We celebrate Newton's 375th birthday by sharing another quote from the English mathematician and physicist: "He who wants to swim has to go to the rivers."

Have a wonderful holiday season!

Thank you for sharing your #passionforscience with us this year. We wish you a happy and peaceful Christmas. Enjoy the holiday season with your loved ones!

Science Quote of the Week

Only very few scientists and innovators come up with groundbreaking findings and brilliant inventions just like that. More often than not, making new discoveries is closely associated with hard work. Even one of America's greatest inventors, Thomas Alva Edison, is reported as saying: "Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration."

The only pipette calibration system that takes responsibility for compliance with testing conditions

The pipette calibration system Cubis® MPS fully monitors all climate data. Cubis® is the only balance in the world that is capable of measuring the humidity inside the weighing chamber instead of in the surrounding lab environment. All data measured is directly checked, and the system signals when you can start the calibration process or when you need to stop due to out-of-tolerance measurements.

Why we love to be Sartorians

Watch our video playlist and get to know a few of our 6,800 awesome team members from all around the world. Find out what motivates them, what they love about their job and how they discovered their own #passionforscience.

Science Quote of the Week

How do you acquire new skills and knowledge? In Albert Einstein's opinion, experience is the only source of knowledge. The theoretical physicist once said: "Experience is knowledge. All the rest is information."

Would you like to have your instrument calibrated?

Routine calibration of your equipment is imperative to achieving accuracy over an extended period of time. Sartorius offers calibration packages, which can be customized upon request. We even take care of your equipment from other manufacturers’ brands. Learn more about our accredited calibration services for the highest quality results.

Science Quote of the Week

It's another great scientist's birthday! Computer scientist Grace Hopper would be 111 years old today. We commemorate the achievements of this pioneer of computer programming with the following quote: "A ship in port is safe, but that’s not what ships are built for."

arium® mini vs bottled water

You need to secure constant high quality of your lab water? Watch our new video to learn about the advantages of freshly prepared ultrapure water in comparison to bottled water.

Small bioreactor for great results in cell cultivation and microbial fermentation

BIOSTAT® A combines all features and functions that are essential for the measurement and control of optimal cultivation conditions in a compact and fully automated system. Learn more about how you will benefit from the powerful capabilities of this small yet versatile entry-level bioreactor.

Take your pick! – Smart phone science apps

From drawing chemical structures to on-the-go data analysis – you’ll most probably find an app for that. Why don’t you start your search by browsing through the following selection of smart phone science apps? And even if you are not looking for something in particular, you’ll sure come across the one or the other helpful app that catches your eye. More than 400 science apps and growing – discover them all… ©Maksim Kabakou|Fotolia

Science Quote of the Week

Always keep your #passionforscience alive! According to Theodor Mommsen, passion is of great importance: "Without passion, there is no genius." The German historian would have turned 200 today. Happy birthday!

Purifying nanocarriers by ultrafiltration: How to choose the right molecular weight cut off

During the preparation and drug conjugation of nanocarriers, ultrafiltration is widely applied as a purification and concentration method. Read our application guide to get an overview of recent literature dealing with the preparation of nanocarriers and easily find the right Vivaspin® or Vivaflow® device for your requirements.

Science Quote of the Week

Today is Celebrate Your Unique Talent Day. Which individual talents and competencies help you master your everyday work as a scientist? As innovator Thomas Alva Edison once said: "What you are will show in what you do."

The history of DNA science

In 1953, Nature published the paper of Watson, Crick, Wilkins, Franklin and colleagues describing the structure of DNA. However, history of DNA research reaches back much further and many other investigators of outstanding merit contributed to build up the expansive knowledge and state-of-the art techniques research relies on today. Discover the milestones of 73 years in DNA science. ©alice_photo|Fotolia

November 28-30, 2017 – Mumbai, India: CPhI & P-MEC India

Pick up on the latest trends and innovations the pharmaceutical market has to offer – at the CPhI & P-MEC India. Meet our experts there to learn more about our extensive range of high quality laboratory instruments. BKC venue, hall A, booth AC36.

Password hacked? – Check…

No matter how complex a password you create, your account is still in danger to be hacked. News about data breaches with millions of user data getting revealed are no longer a rarity these days. A new and simple tool is now available to test your passwords for having been exposed. Make sure to read the whole article carefully before you commence checking. ©designer491|Fotolia

Crossflow is too difficult to set up?

Discover the easiest and most cost-efficient way to concentrate your large protein samples – with Vivaflow®! The clear housing allows visual monitoring of the sample at all times. The devices are easy to set up and need only a standard peristaltic pump to operate. Test our unique “plug & play” laboratory crossflow solution yourself. Ask for your free demo now:

Science Quote of the Week

As you surely know, being a scientist is not always easy – for example, if an ingenious theoretical idea can not be applied to real-world phenomena. The English biologist and educational leader Thomas Henry Huxley sums this up with the following words: "The great tragedy of science – the slaying of a beautiful hypothesis by an ugly fact."

What to consider in preparing the HPLC samples?

In order to obtain reliable HPLC results, there are many things to consider from purity of the reagents to the accuracy and precision of the measurement tools. Our video presents the common pain points of HPLC and shows you how smart sample preparation helps you achieve the best results.

November 21-24, 2017 – Moscow, Russia: Pharmtech & Ingredients

Pharmtech & Ingredients is the largest platform for industry specialists which allows for the review of the products of leading European and Russian producers of pharmaceutical and laboratory equipment in a short period of time. Visit our team at the event to discover our latest innovations and services. Pavilion 2, hall 8, booth 303.

Save the date: Research Xchange Forum 2018 on March 20-21

Update your knowledge on regenerative medicine and cell therapy at our Research Xchange Forum 2018 in Goettingen, Germany. The event will bring together experts from academia and industry to foster the exchange of ideas and to stimulate dialog about the next generation of interdisciplinary research. Get your early-bird ticket here:

From slug to bench to bedside

Again, nature surprises us with a promising solution to a challenging medical problem: The development of tissue adhesives that can be used as an alternative to stitches or staples in surgery. Guess which animal inspired biomedical developments this time – a slug. Ew!? – Wait a second and watch this amazing video first. ©Gina Sanders|Fotolia

Precision medicine and personalized medicine

The same – or not the same? This question is quickly popping up if one comes across the well-established term ‘personalized medicine’ and the recently becoming more and more popular term ‘precision medicine’. Can they be used interchangeably or is there a need to strictly distinct between the two? Read on and discover some interesting facts… ©T. L. Furrer|Fotolia

Science Quote of the Week

Happy birthday Marie Curie! The pioneering physicist and chemist would be 150 years old today. The following quote shows that she had a great #passionforscience and was always eager to make new discoveries: "I never see what has been done; I only see what remains to be done."

Choose the best sample preparation technique for your needs

If you process dozens of samples each day, our syringeless Claristep® filtration system will help you reduce time, waste and hand stress. You need to analyze only a few samples a day? Then you will benefit from our proven combination of a syringe and syringe filter. Read our brochure to find the solution that meets your requirements best.

Video: Fast and effortless cell harvesting

Sartoclear Dynamics® Lab P15 has been designed for harvesting small volumes of cell cultures in the labs. Watch our video to see this new kit for single step harvesting in action. You want to try our smart lab solution yourself? Request your free demo now!

Science Quote of the Week

Your hunger for knowledge is insatiable? Then you probably are a passionate scientist like astronomer Maria Mitchell who is quoted as having said: "We have a hunger of the mind which asks for knowledge of all around us, and the more we gain, the more is our desire; the more we see, the more we are capable of seeing."

Single cell transcriptomics – A highly potential technique

The ability of analyzing gene expression patterns down to a single cell offers amazing possibilities. Essential advances, like early detection and precise characterization of tumor cells, and therefore, tailored cancer treatment now appear to be in touching distance. The following review will introduce you to a variety of techniques that facilitate researchers to gain fundamental insights into a realm that they only recently gained access to. ©vitanovski|Fotolia

Video: Experience Vivaflow® crossflow cassettes in action

You want to see how easy protein concentration works? Watch our video and find out what makes our Vivaflow® unrivalled by any other laboratory crossflow system. Test its speed and economy yourself. Ask for your free demo today:

Science Quote of the Week

Like many other women, Lise Meitner had to face various challenges when starting her scientific career. She struggled for nine years to enter the halls of academia, because girls were not allowed to attend public institutions of higher education in Vienna around 1900. Later, the nuclear physicist became one of the most significant scientists of her generation. Lise Meitner summed up her restlessness as: "Life need not be easy, provided only that it is not empty."

Ultrapure water for HPLC-MS/MS analysis of phytohormones

This article describes a highly sensitive method for quantification of phytohormones, HPLC with tandem mass spectrometry, in which ultrapure eluents are indispensable. Ultrapure water from arium® pro VF proves to be successful for use in maintaining the sensitivity of HPLC-MS.

Science Quote of the Week

Today is "Smart is Cool Day"! So feel free to show off your genius and find smart solutions for problems even before they arise. Theoretical physicist Albert Einstein once said: "A clever person solves a problem. A wise person avoids it."

One big step forward in fighting HIV infections thanks to cows?

A new approach to effectively prevent HIV infections delivers exciting and very promising results. For the first time, researchers were able to raise broadly neutralizing antibodies against the virus which prevented 96 percent of the tested HIV types from infecting cells. The secret to this success are – cows! ©imfotograf|Fotolia

Ergonomic and efficient filtration for food analytics

Filtration of particle-containing and viscous food samples often requires use of extreme force, which can lead to physical pain. This application note demonstrates the applicability of the Claristep® system through clarification of fourteen food samples that are difficult to filter. The comfort of users is also compared with conventional syringe filtration methods.

Microbiological quality control: Request free trials of our smart tools

Minimize the risk of contamination and increase efficiency and convenience when keeping microbiology quality under control. To help improve the safety of quality-critical processes, we offer premium products for sterility testing, mycoplasma detection, air monitoring, microbial enumeration and bacterial detection. Request your free trials now and put our smart tools to the test!

Science Quote of the Week

Today, we share the motivational words of a great American innovator. It has been reported that Thomas Alva Edison employed the following saying to encourage his laboratory researchers: "There's a way to do it better – find it."

No centrifugation required

Our convenient ready-to-use-kit Sartoclear Dynamics® Lab P15 combines a syringe pre-filled with a filter aid for clarification and an integrated 0.2 μm polyethersulfone filter for sterile filtration. Read our datasheet to learn more about this two-in-one single use system and request a free demo.

Need to concentrate 5 l protein samples?

Our Vivaflow® crossflow devices have been designed for use in research and are ideal for concentration and diafiltration of aqueous samples with volumes ranging from 100 ml to 5 l. They achieve concentrations of 10-fold to 50-fold, depending on the initial sample volume.

Science Quote of the Week

Happy birthday Niels Bohr! The Danish physicist and Nobel laureate would have turned 132 today. The passionate scientist probably knew well that a valid theory does not always seem plausible at first sight. He once said to Wolfgang Pauli: "Your theory is crazy, but it's not crazy enough to be true."

Sartorius Campus expands: New manufacturing facility for lab instruments

With our new facility for the manufacture of laboratory instruments, we provide high-quality production conditions and an advanced, efficient work environment. Read our press release about this special building which won the 2017 Engineering Award of the German Structural Steel Industry in the category of high-rise building construction.

October 10-13, 2017 – Beijing, China: BCEIA 2017

BCEIA is a large-scale international conference and exhibition on analyzing and testing. This year's event will host a series of scientific seminars, specialized forums and equipment exhibitions revolving around the theme of "Moving Towards A Green Future", making BCEIA even more focused on the needs of social development. Meet the Sartorius team at booth 32049-32052.

Science Quote of the Week

Francis Bacon's words "Knowledge is power." became a well-known aphorism which allows various possibilities for interpretation. In general, the saying implies that with education and knowledge, our potential or abilities in life will increase.

Let's inspire children to discover their #passionforscience

In cooperation with the company Johnson Matthey, we hosted an 'Introduction to Children Challenging Industry (CCI)' event at our site in Royston, UK, this summer. The event was attended by several local science and technology companies who wanted to find out more about the CCI program, designed to provide 9-11-year-old children with positive perceptions of STEM based careers.

Last chance: Enter the Sartorius & Science Prize until October 1

Hurry up! There are only a few days left to apply for the Sartorius & Science Prize in Regenerative Medicine and Cell Therapy. This prize is geared towards scientists focused on basic or translational research that advances regenerative medicine and cell therapy.

Perform clarification and sterile filtration in one step

Sartoclear Dynamics® Lab P15 is designed for simultaneous clarification and sterile filtration of 15 ml mammalian cell cultures in a single 1-minute step. This smart lab solution saves you valuable time and helps recover your intact protein quickly and reproducibly for the next process step. Learn more about how Sartoclear Dynamics® Lab P15 takes the pain out of protein harvesting:

Register for our Pipetting Academy

Repetitive pipetting will put your hand at risk. Because we understand this health issue, we focus on ergonomics in every product we make. At our Pipetting Academy, you will learn how to achieve the best performance, ergonomics and safety in your routine pipetting.

HPLC sample preparation with the Claristep® filtration system

Preparing samples by clarification is an essential step prior to nearly all analytical techniques, but particularly important for techniques such as high pressure liquid chromatography (HPLC). As HPLC is hard enough, preparing the samples for it shouldn’t be! Discover a new, easy-to-use and straightforward filtration expressly tailored for todays HPLC needs: The Claristep® filtration system.

September 26-27, 2017 – Osaka, Japan: SAAAJ Annual Meeting 2017

The Society for Antibacterial and Antifungal Agents, Japan aims to establish global research activities to prevent microorganisms in clothing, food, housing and their related industries as well as to prevent damage caused by microorganism-derived substances. Talk to our experts at the SAAAJ Annual Meeting to find out more about our lab products and solutions for microbiology.

Science Quote of the Week

Sir Isaac Newton once said: "Fate is never a question of chance but a question of choice." So decide wisely which paths you take in life. Do not wait for your destiny, but make it a result of your efforts and achievements.

Sartorius & Science Prize: What is there to win?

The winner of the Sartorius & Science Prize for Regenerative Medicine & Cell Therapy is awarded US$25,000 and a publication of his or her essay in Science. This Grand Prize essay and those of up to three runners-up are also published on Science Online. Furthermore, a 5-year AAAS membership and online subscription to Science, accompanied by attractive product packages from Sartorius, are awarded! Sounds good? Apply now.

Science Quote of the Week

Do you remember Maria Mitchell's quote "Question everything"? Aristotle probably would have totally agreed with the American astronomer. The ancient Greek philosopher and scientist once said: "He who wants to recognize correctly needs to doubt the proper way first."

QC lab technicians are real heroes

We want to say thank you to all lab heroes who save our lives by keeping microbiological quality under control! To support you, we have developed the best tools to help you master your daily challenges. Well-matched, easy-to-use, sparing you several working steps. Learn more about our microbiological range here:

September 21-23, 2017 – Hyderabad, India: analytica Anacon India & India Lab Expo

Together, analytica Anacon India and India Lab Expo are the most important industry gathering for analysis, laboratory and biotechnology in India. The international trade fair covers the entire value chain for industrial and research laboratories. Meet our experts there to get to know our innovative lab solutions.

Science Quote of the Week

It often takes quite some time, effort and patience to make an ingenious scientific breakthrough. Or, to put it in the wise words of innovator Thomas Alva Edison: "Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work."

The most ergonomic clarification: How does it work?

HPLC sample preparation is much easier than you might think. Download our flyer to get a quick overview of how to simplify the clarification process with Claristep®. If you would like to try the ergonomic filtration system yourself just ask for your free demo.

Share your ideas about regenerative medicine & cell therapy

You want to share your thoughts about cell therapy, regenerative medicine or the Sartorius & Science Prize? Do it on Twitter! Just use the hashtags #regenmed, #celltherapy or #sartoriusandscience to become part of our social wall. We can't wait to read your tweets.

Science Quote of the Week

If you want to make new discoveries you need to think outside the box and should not be afraid of changing the way you look at things. The theoretical physicist Albert Einstein phrased it as follows: "The thinking that got us to where we are is not the thinking that will get us to where we want to be."

Ticks seem to offer a lot more than just trouble

Would you ever think of ticks – those tiny but irritating insects that bite and attach to your skin, suck blood, and may transfer tick-borne diseases – as medical ‘gold mines’? Well, researchers from Oxford University do. And they have a good reason for it. Read on to discover why and also watch a video to learn some interesting facts about tick bites and Lyme disease. ©andrei310|Fotolia

Choose your pipette for perfect ergonomics

You and your hand know what is best for your everyday work. That is why for each requirement, we offer the pipette that matches your needs best. Order your personal pipette for a free trial period to discover on your own what the ideal combination of ergonomics, absolute reliability and a well-balanced design will do for you.

The abstract tips the scales

If you need to decide on which scientific paper to read or which talk to attend, how do you usually go about making the decision? Most likely, you will quickly scan the titles and abstracts provided – and then choose to pay further attention to those that hooked you right away. Read on and learn from an experienced Editor what you can do to make your own abstracts enticing to reviewers and convince them to pay further attention to your research. ©smolaw11|Fotolia

Science Quote of the Week

Antoine Lavoisier would have turned 274 today. We commemorate the achievements of this "father of modern chemistry" by sharing one of his famous quotes: "Languages are true analytical methods."

Video: See how Claristep® helps you save time and effort

With our Claristep® filtration system you can filter 8 samples fast and simultaneously – without needing any power supply or a vacuum | pressure source. Watch our video to see the advantages of Claristep® in a direct comparison with conventional procedures.

Need a recreational break? Try Color-In Cells!

To unwind your brain after a mind-straining scientific meeting or an experiment that required your full concentration, why don’t you just grab some colored crayons and color in some science comics? It’s fun, it’s creative and incredibly relaxing. Give it a try.

Sartorius & Science Prize: Who can enter?

You are very welcome to apply for the Sartorius & Science Prize in Regenerative Medicine and Cell Therapy if you are a scientist who received his or her PhD|MD within the past 10 years. Entries can be made in the fields of regenerative medicine, cell therapy, gene therapy and immunotherapy, as well as materials and tissue engineering. Read on here:

August 24-25, 2017 – Mexico City, Mexico: 2nd International Congress for Accreditation in the Health Sector

This year's International Congress for Accreditation in the Health Sector will focus on the ISO 15189 and is designed for professionals from medical laboratories, hematopoietic stem cell banks, blood banks, radiology and imaging. Meet our team there to learn more about our lab innovations.

Science Quote of the Week

Let's be interested in ideas, not in gossiping about people. This is what the outstanding physicist and chemist Marie Curie asked her colleagues to do: "Scientist believe in things, not in persons."

Viruses count! (– And need to be counted)

When coming across the term ‘microbiome’ one may think mainly about bacteria and fungi. Viruses usually do not show up on the list right away, although they are an important part of the microbiome, too. As such, viruses play a considerable role in both, causing human diseases and the development of treatment options for human diseases. Essential for diagnosing and treating viral diseases as well as for antiviral and virus-based drug development is the availability of fast and reliable methods to count virus loads and viral particles. Read on and learn about traditional as well as modern virus quantification techniques and their pros and cons. ©Aleksei|Fotolia

Taking a closer look at CRISPR-Cas

These days, CRISPR-Cas is creating a buzz in science, medical, and biotechnology circles. It is fervently discussed as a key gene-editing tool to be applied in human medicine with the potential to halt or even cure many severe diseases someday in the near future. But where did it come from originally? And how does it work exactly? Find answers to those questions in the following videos and discover exciting news and a compelling review on the CRISPR gene-editing tool. ©|Fotolia

Exceptional scientists wanted!

Sartorius feels responsible to help securing a bright future for society. That is why we want to support scientists. The Sartorius & Science Prize in Regenerative Medicine and Cell Therapy recognizes outstanding scientists worldwide who are in the early phase of their career.

Tacta®: Designed to feel great in your hand

Perfectly balanced in all its features, our Tacta® mechanical pipette provides a unique user experience in pipetting. Low pipetting force eases your workload and protects you from strain. Even if you pipette for extended periods during your work-day, this will substantially reduce your risk of WRULD and RSI.

Microbiomes – it’s the little things that make a huge difference

They are living in communities that consist of very small beings. Therefore, they are easily overlooked and forgotten about. But they are everywhere in and around us. And, taken together, they have a huge impact on us, our environment, and our planet. Do you have any clue what we are talking about? Read the following comic or watch the video to edutain yourself and to discover an amazing world hidden for our eyes. ©robu_s|Fotolia

Science Quote of the Week

This week, we quote the words of Lise Meitner. The pioneering nuclear physicist characterizes science in the following way: "Science makes people reach selflessly for truth and objectivity. It teaches people to accept reality, with wonder and admiration."

Why it is smart to part with your phone during work

Just quickly checking work emails or sending a message to a friend – it is no secret any more that while it provides great convenience having your smartphone with you at all times it is also a great source of distraction. However, it is new that just seeing your phone, without actually using it, drains your brain power substantially. Read on and discover why it is smart to keep your hands and your eyes off your phone during work.

Achieving safe, easy-to-use and reliable aseptic transfer

The Biosafe® range of aseptic transfer ports offers reliable and easy-to-use solutions that meet your specific needs and applications. The unique design of the system enables the secure transfer of components, fluids and powders while maintaining the integrity of the critical area. Find out more about the benefits of Biosafe® in our brochure.

Holiday season is reading season

The summer holiday season is in full bloom and you may wonder what book to take with you on your holiday trip to the beach, for a good read at the pool, or to enjoy a day outside on your sunny patio. Need some inspiration? Read on and discover a selection of entertaining health and science books to choose from.

Science Quote of the Week

"Question everything." Follow Maria Mitchell's advice and never accept anything as granted. Today, the passionate astronomer would have turned 199. Happy Birthday!

Paw prints all over your science paper?

This may not only be a subtle hint, but a serious reminder of your beloved pet that it has contributed substantially to the science manuscript you are currently writing up for publication – by purring your stress off you or by enticing you away from your desk and take a walk to recover your straight thinking – and that it wants to be honored adequately for this significant input by being co-authoring the publication. After all, this honor was already given to a cat before... ©Africa Studio|Fotolia

Science Quote of the Week

Happy Birthday Rosalind Franklin! The biochemist would be 97 years old today. To pay tribute to this passionate scientist we present the following quote, taken from a letter to Rosalind's father: "Science and everyday life cannot and should not be separated."

Work faster with the unique technology of Microsart® Geneprep

The new concentration and DNA extraction kit for liquids > 100 ml is the perfect solution for everybody that longs for most reliable, fast and convenient contamination control. This kit covers filtration devices for sample concentration and DNA extraction in high volume liquids. Read more about how Microsart® Geneprep strengthens your lab-life:

The most sophisticated and ergonomic pipette ever

Designed to revolutionize pipetting, our Picus® is the smallest and lightest electronic pipette on the market. This enables it to ease your workload, and thus reduce your risk of repetitive strain injury (RSI). Its new generation technology, electronic brake and piston control system guarantee accurate and precise pipetting results.

Science Quote of the Week

Happy Space Exploration Day! Today we quote the famous words of an astronomer, mathematician and philosopher who was a figure of female intellectual achievement in the ancient world. Hypatia of Alexandria once said: "Reserve your right to think, for even to think wrongly is better than not to think at all."

And the winners are – microorganisms!

Again the American Society for Microbiology (ASM) has awarded scientists for their creativity in pouring out their passion for science into beautiful artwork that is created – you won’t believe it – with bacteria, yeast and other microorganisms. See the amazing pictures drawn on agar plates from the winners of the ASM Agar Art Contests and learn how to create your own agar art from a video presented by former Agar Art winners. ©analysis121980|Fotolia

Science Quote of the Week

Theoretical physicist Albert Einstein once said: "There's a genius in all of us." So if you have not yet discovered your hidden genius, never give up trying to find it.

Designed to deliver pure performance: arium® lab water systems

Consistently use the highest water quality in your mission-critical and analytical procedures to ensure reliable and accurate results. The arium® system meets and exceeds ASTM Type I specifications. Moreover, it provides extremely low TOC levels, which are constantly checked by an optionally integrated TOC monitor. Watch our video:

Simplify the daily sample preparation

Do you process dozens of samples each day? Reduce time and effort by using the syringeless Claristep® filtration system. Its design enables you to clarify 8 samples fast and simultaneously. Discover more benefits and ask for your demo.

Apply now for the Sartorius & Science Prize

Are you a representative of the upcoming generation of thought leaders in your field? Together we look forward to your application for the new Sartorius & Science Prize for Regenerative Medicine & Cell Therapy. Established in 2017, it is awarded for outstanding research performed by the applicant and as a mutual endeavour to raise awareness for the field. Learn more about the prize and about how to enter.

Science Quote of the Week

Your research efforts or an experiment did not lead to the desired results? Always stay positive – just as innovator Thomas Alva Edison: "I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work."

Monitoring of airborne microorganisms with our new MD8 Airscan®

Used together with the gelatin membrane filter (GMF), MD8 Airscan® is designed to monitor airborne microorganisms in cleanrooms and isolators in the pharma|biotech industry. This system is capable of detecting even the smallest airborne contaminants, such as viruses. Read this data sheet to learn how MD8 Airscan® ensures added process safety and reliable documentation for audits.

Science Quote of the Week

Of course, facts are an integral part of science. But only the right context gives them meaning and value. Maybe it is best expressed in this illustrative comparison by medic Martin H. Fischer: "Facts are not science – as the dictionary is not literature."

We've got your problem solved: Introducing the filter that dissolves

The unique, patented membrane-dissolving technology of Microsart® Geneprep enables you to detect every single microbe that was retained by your membrane. It is ideal for use in quality control applications such as water testing (not only for Legionella), beverage production, pharmaceutical tasks and many more applications. Learn more about Microsart® Geneprep.

Comfortable pipetting is in your hands

With ergonomic Sartorius pipettes, you can be sure your hand will make it through the day in good shape. All you need is minimum force to pipette the correct quantities for perfect results – your hand will love it. Request your free trial pipette now!

Science Quote of the Week

There are many different situations in which this week's quote applies. How do you apply these words by Aristotle to your everyday life as a scientist? "The worst form of inequality is to try to make unequal things equal."

How to deal with trolls in science communications

Trolls are no longer just some mythical creatures from Scandinavian folklore. Trolls have become a real plague spreading on the internet. Social media platforms are one of their favorite places to cause trouble by starting arguments and posting inflammatory messages. Recognizing troll talk and knowing about strategies to control trolling may help you to make scientific discussions on social media platforms a pleasant and beneficial experience again. ©jd-photodesign|Fotolia

Science Quote of the Week

"If you know you are on the right track, if you have this inner knowledge, then nobody can turn you off... no matter what they say." True words by botanist and geneticist Barbara McClintock, who would have turned 115 today.

arium® lab water systems – Inspired by your applications

The arium® product family has been specially designed to meet, and exceed, your needs for process reliability, ease of use and cost efficiency in research and analytical laboratories. Watch our video to learn about the widest array of options and accessories to customize your lab water system to your specific application.

Interview: A single drop of synthetic DNA can store the total data in the world

The global explosion of data requires more and more data storage space. Turning digital data into biological data offers a promising approach to master this problem. Watch this interview with the first author of a recently published Science paper and discover the exciting advances made in the development of using artificially generated DNA as a storage device for digital data. ©garrifrotto|Fotolia

Science Quote of the Week

Due to his fundamental contributions to physics and mathematics, Sir Isaac Newton is considered one of the most influential scientists of all times. Although he already enjoyed a great international reputation during his lifetime, the genius himself was rather modest of his own achievements: "My powers are ordinary. Only my application brings me success."

Free webinar: Multiplex your assessment of CAR T-cell function

Rapid and simultaneous analysis of multiple cytotoxic processes in suspensions of target and effector cells is key to understanding immunological responses to cancer and the development of tumor-specific T-cell based therapies. Watch our free webinar describing a non-radioactive high-throughput flow cytometry assay for multi-parametric assessment of CAR T-cell function. ©dizain|Fotolia

June 10-18, 2017 – Hannover, Germany: IdeenExpo

The IdeenExpo aims to get young people enthusiastic about science and technology professions and is Germany's biggest youth event of its kind. We cordially invite kids, teenagers and their families to discover our wide range of exciting exhibits and their #passionforscience at our booth LA-02 (LifeScienceArea in hall 9).

June 13-15, 2017 – Guadalajara, Mexico: Expo Pack 2017

Expo Pack 2017 will be triple the size of the previous event: More exhibitors from all over the world will be exhibiting more technology than ever before. Attendees include packaging and processing professionals from a wide range of industries, including food, beverage, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, household chemicals, textile, automotive and more. Meet our experts at booth 3204 and get to know our latest lab technologies and services.

Ultrapure water improves results in 2D gel electrophoresis

Are there differences in quality between freshly prepared and stored ultrapure water? This Laborpraxis Worldwide article presents the results for the use of ultrapure water in gel electrophoresis and provides recommendations for the production of ultrapure water. The authors compared the quality of ultrapure water produced by our arium® pro VF water purification system to the quality of water from the same system that had been stored for one week.

Science Quote of the Week

Happy birthday Chien-Shiung Wu! The Chinese-American physicist would be 105 years old today. She clearly had a great #passionforscience: "There is only one thing worse than coming home from the lab to a sink full of dirty dishes, and that is not going to the lab at all!"

June 1-5, 2017 – New Orleans, USA: ASM Microbe 2017

Attend ASM Microbe 2017 to explore the full scope of microbiology – from basic science to translational and clinical application. Build professional connections with more than 10,000 of your peers from around the world. And don't miss the opportunity to meet our experts and our lab innovations live. Booth 2009.

Science Quote of the Week

Ralph Waldo Emerson would be 204 years old today. We take the philosopher's birthday as an occasion to quote his wise words: "Science does not know its debt to imagination."

Approach scientific publications the expert way

Getting lost in the complexity of data and information while trying to read and understand a scientific paper? Cheer up! – Many of your fellows are struggling with the same difficulties. Read how other scientists approach the topic of reading scientific publications to get the most out of it. ©|Fotolia

Chin up! – It’s not that difficult to read a scientific paper

Are you poring over a scientific publication that seems totally beyond your grasp? Looks familiar? No worries, you are not alone out there. Let’s turn to someone sharing his experiences with reading scientific publications – experiences you may well be able to relate to… ©Nivens|Fotolia

Ultrapure water as a component of multi-parametric assays in drug discovery

In pharmaceutical drug discovery, cell-based assays are increasingly combined with multi-parametric assay techniques to better understand highly complex disease mechanisms and the effects of compounds targeting diseases. This Labmate article describes the specific use of ultrapure water, generated by our arium® pro VF laboratory water system, as an integral component of cell-based multi-parametric profiling assays.

Science Quote of the Week

When an experiment fails it's always worth giving it another go. Or, to put it in the words of famous inventor Thomas Alva Edison: "Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time."

Clever-clever: How to pick your author name

For successful publication of your research data it is essential to make your own publications stand out from the crowd. Read the following ‘expert advice’ on how to attract the well-deserved attention – by choosing your author name smartly. ©gustavofrazao|Fotolia

Science Quote of the Week

Be honest, did you recently cry or roar? – Another great quotation by theoretical physicist Albert Einstein: "A scientist is a mimosa when he himself has made a mistake, and a roaring lion when he discovers a mistake of others."

May 16-18, 2017 – Hannover, Germany: LABVOLUTION

LABVOLUTION with the Life Science Event BIOTECHNICA is a leading international specialist trade fair for innovative lab equipment and laboratory workflow optimization. Come and visit us in Hall 20 | Booth C39 to participate in our workflow area, to get to know our solutions for your lab and to try our products yourself. Also, don't miss out on our presentations at the smartLAB stage to learn how laboratory life will change in the age of digitalization and Industry 4.0 (Hall 20 | Booth C51).

Centrifugation easily explained

‘Dad/Mum, what are you doing all day at work?’ Instead of giving your kids long and complicated explanations – just show them! Turn your kitchen into a home science lab, make your salad spinner a centrifuge and start right into an exciting research experiment with your children. They will be thrilled – ‘cause science is so much fun! ©Iakobchuk|Fotolia

If temperature counts – Centrisart® refrigerated centrifuges

No matter if you are working with delicate viable cells, proteins or nucleic acids prone to thermal denaturation or fast degradation, respectively, or chemical compounds instable at higher temperatures. The quality of your samples depends on ensuring the appropriate temperature during the entire processing time. If cooling is crucial for the integrity of your samples, Centrisart® refrigerated centrifuges provide reliable protection from heat during centrifugation processes and even during downtimes.

Science Quote of the Week

Today is the 108th birthday of Edwin H. Land. The American inventor stated another excellent reason for performing independent scientific research instead of just relying on assumptions: "Science is a method to keep yourself from kidding yourself."

The role of pipette tips in achieving the best pipetting performance

Pipette tips are often selected purely on price and are not typically evaluated for their influence on pipetting performance. However, our application note shows that you should pay careful attention when selecting tips in order to ensure high quality pipetting results – tips do not always perform equally.

Love good coffee? – Chilling makes all the difference!

Looking forward to your next coffee break? Thinking of it, do you already smell and taste the brew? Learn what scientists found out about how you can make your coffee break an even richer and more flavorful experience. We’ll give you a hint: it’s all about temperature. ©Normann|Fotolia

Follow your #passionforscience with Secura® lab balances

Mixing the right shades is not only important in creating colorful lipsticks. No matter if you are working in a research lab, a developmental department, or a production facility, getting the mix right is essential to the outcome of your endeavor. Secura® accompanies your work with high precision weighing results and built-in protection systems – so you can keep your mind focused on what is really important in following your #passionforscience.

Secura® balance contributed to make the world more colorful

Who doesn’t wish one’s dreams to come true? For FleurDeForce, popular beauty and fashion vlogger, one of her biggest visions became reality. In the following post, Fleur shares the amazing opportunity of creating her very own lipstick in a cosmetic products development lab by mixing the shades of color herself with the help of a Secura® lab balance. ©beckystarsmore|Fotolia

Science Quote of the Week

Happy birthday Wolfgang Pauli! Today, this pioneer of quantum physics would have turned 117 years old. Besides his exceptional accomplishments in research and science, he was well known for his colorful objections to sloppy or incorrect thinking – as expressed through his famous words: "This isn't right, this isn't even wrong."

April 26-28, 2017 – Mexico City, Mexico: Expofarma 2017

At Expofarma 2017, you will have the opportunity to be in direct contact with more than 8,000 professionals from the pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetic, food, medical devices and clinical analysis industries. Meet us at the event to discover our current lab products and solutions live. Booth 1224.

Science Quote of the Week

Let's celebrate Earth Day with a quote by zoologist, biologist, technology writer & non-fiction author Rachel Carson: "Those who dwell, as scientists or laymen, among the beauties and mysteries of the earth, are never alone or weary of life."

Protein concentration: Improve your recovery by passivation

In order to minimize the loss of target proteins, Vivaspin concentrators are designed to show a low protein adsorption. However, for protein samples of very low concentration, it can be useful to further improve the adsorption behavior of the ultrafiltration devices. For this, optimized handling is of the essence and a well-adjusted passivation step can further increase the yield.

Flow cytometry and plant reproductive biology

This paper describes flow cytometric analysis of the reproductive pathways of facultative apomictic angiosperms by comparing ultrapure arium® water with the standard sheath fluid used for flow cytometry. The obtained results prove the arium® system is an economical alternative for the analysis of relative ploidies in plant materials.

Beware – It's hay fever season

Itchy eyes, runny nose, ceaseless sneezing – the main symptoms of hay fever can heavily impact one’s work performance and efficiency. Nasal sprays and antihistamine tablets may offer relieve, but usually for short time periods only. However, substantial and sustained improvement can be achieved – with immunotherapy. According to a newly published study, to ensure long-lasting effects treatment needs to be applied for at least three years. ©Attila|Fotolia

Stay afloat in the vast ocean of ever expanding scientific literature

Quizzed about how they manage to keep track of the fast growing amount of new literature, scientists revealed their tips and tricks for regularly squeezing systematic literature searches into their already busy enough day-to-day time schedule. Learn about tools and strategies that may help you, too, to stay on top of the latest developments in your profession. ©inarik|Fotolia

Science Quote of the Week

Happy International Day of Human Space Flight! Maria Mitchell, who was the first American woman to work as a professional astronomer, stated an important characteristic of a scientist: "We especially need imagination in science."

Sartorius acquires Essen BioScience offering live-cell imaging and analysis

Sartorius successfully acquired the U.S.-based Essen BioScience Inc., a pioneer and leader in the field of cell-based assays and instrumentation used for drug discovery and basic research applications. With Essen's novel, real-time live-cell imaging and analysis systems, the Sartorius Lab Products & Services Division is significantly expanding its portfolio in bioanalytics.

Science Quote of the Week

On today's World Health Day we quote the words of a passionate medic. Martin H. Fischer once said: "A conclusion is the place where you got tired thinking." – So, always stay fit and curious!

Sartorius and EMBL join forces to offer advanced training and science education

Sartorius is now a member of the European Molecular Biology Laboratory's (EMBL) Corporate Partnership Program aiming to connect industry to academia. "By focusing on professional training at all levels, and ensuring that the next generation of young talent has access to the latest knowledge, we aim to support the scientific community to reach its maximum potential," says Karen Storm, Vice President of Marketing of the Lab Products & Services Division at Sartorius.

Meet our passionate scientists

Over 6,800 people worldwide contribute to the success of Sartorius with their ideas, expert knowledge and passion to excel. Our employees appreciate freedom, have a strong desire to grow personally and professionally and really put their hearts into their work. Watch our #passionforscience video and get to know our dedicated staff.

April 2-6, 2017 – San Francisco, CA, USA: 253rd ACS National Meeting & Exposition

With over 300 exhibitors showcasing state-of-the-art technologies and 14,000 papers featuring cutting-edge research, the ACS National Meeting is the perfect platform for you to share ideas with thousands of the best chemical professionals in the world. Meet our experts there at booth 321 to discover our wide range of lab products and solutions.

Science is art, and art is to dance your science

Ever thought about expressing your personal #passionforscience through dance? Nope? Then go ahead and see for yourself how Ph.D. students from all over the world describe the research they dedicate their hearts to in artistic and innovative dance performances. ©vitmark|Fotolia

Science Quote of the Week

Today, Otto Wallach would have celebrated his 170th birthday. The German chemist knew exactly how science works: "As soon as science has solved one problem, new ones arise. This is the essence of science."

Dissolvable filter guarantees outstanding recovery rate of retained microorganisms

Reliable, fast and convenient contamination detection is the key task in microbiological quality control. With Microsart® Geneprep you can be absolutely sure to detect each single microbe due to our new membrane dissolving technology. Read our application note to learn how Microsart® Geneprep makes your lab-life easier.

Science Quote of the Week

Let's celebrate International Day of Happiness. Because happy and passionate scientists achieve the best results. Or, to cite the ancient Greek philosopher and scientist Aristotle: "Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work."

Sartorius to acquire real-time live-cell analysis pioneer and leader Essen BioScience

Sartorius signed an agreement to acquire U.S. based Essen BioScience Inc., a pioneer and leader in the field of cell-based assays and instrumentation used for drug discovery and basic research applications. "With the Essen real-time, live-cell analysis platform, we will add another key technology for advancing and accelerating drug discovery applications to our lab divisions’ portfolio", said Joachim Kreuzburg, CEO of Sartorius. Read the full press release here:

Science Quote of the Week

Today we celebrate Albert Einstein's 138th birthday. To the influential theoretical physicist, his scientific findings have never been a question of being particularly talented. Einstein said about himself: "I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious."

March 15-16, 2017 – Mexico City, Mexico: Feria Beneservi

At the 2a Feria de Proveedores de la Facultad de Medicina (UNAM), we will present our latest lab products and solutions. Take the chance to meet our experts and discover our #passionforscience live. We are looking forward to welcoming you at our booth.

Cleaning your mechanical pipette has never been easier

Our Tacta® is the quickest and easiest pipette to clean, with only three parts to be disassembled. No tools are needed for disassembly. Furthermore, Tacta® can also be steam-sterilized or autoclaved as-is, without disassembly. Learn more about our mechanical pipette here.

Science Quote of the Week

Happy International Women's Day! Of course, today we quote the words of a woman who had a great #passionforscience. Biochemist, pharmacologist and Nobel laureate Gertrude Belle Elion once said: "I hadn't been aware that there were doors closed to me until I started knocking on them."

What do shampoo bottles and pipette tips have in common?

What do pipette tips and shampoo bottles have in common? You want to get the most out of them! And for that your liquid must easily glide off from the surface – because every drop of your precious sample volume counts. Consider the benefits of using Sartorius Low Retention Tips while reading the following article.

Optimum sample recovery guaranteed with low retention tips

Every drop of your sample volume is extremely precious? You want to maximize sample recovery and the accuracy of results? Get yourself an impression of the unique properties of low retention tips and learn about the manifold benefits you will gain from using them for your research experiments.

#rxf17 Oncology Forum – Follow Sartorius Event on Twitter

Our Research Xchange Forum is right around the corner (February 22-23, 2017, in Goettingen|Germany). To raise awareness on the topic of #oncology and process optimization between research and applied therapies, we'll be reporting live from the event via Twitter. Tweet your questions and comments: #rxf17.

Science Quote of the Week

Today, Linus Pauling would have celebrated his 116th birthday. We commemorate the achievements of this inspiring American chemist and Nobel laureate with this great quote: "Facts are the air of scientists. Without them you can never fly."

March 28-30, 2017 – Paris, France: Forum Labo 2017

Forum Labo is a benchmark event for research, development and control laboratories in the fields of biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, cosmetology, agro-food and environment. Meet us there to see our latest lab innovations and solutions. Booth B54-C55.

Science Quote of the Week

Philosopher and scientist Aristotle once said: "We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit." A powerful quote that motivates us to keep living our #passionforscience day in and day out.

Scientists awarded for identification of cancer causing viruses

Not only with regard to our upcoming Research Xchange Forum on the latest developments in cancer research but also with respect to the remarkable contribution to understanding the causes of oncological diseases we consider it noteworthy that this year’s internationally well regarded Paul Ehrlich and Ludwig Darmstaedter Prize is awarded to two American scientists for the discovery of human cancer causing viruses.

Science Quote of the Week

Today is Innovation Day. So who deserves more to be quoted than innovator Thomas Alva Edison, who submitted over 1,000 patents in his life: "I never did anything by accident, nor did any of my inventions come by accident; they came by work."

What Makes Sartorius Pipettes Different?

With so many pipettes available on the market, it can be difficult to make sure you choose the best option. Read this article by The Lab People, Inc. to learn how Sartorius pipettes stand out among the masses.

Science Quote of the Week

On 'International Day of Women and Girls in Science', we celebrate the inspiring women and girls who follow and have followed their #passionforscience. Physicist and Chemist Marie Curie once said: "I have frequently been questioned, especially by women, of how I could reconcile family life with a scientific career. Well, it has not been easy."

Trends and challenges in oncology: Get insights and a 10% app discount

Interested in the latest developments in oncology research? Take a look at our #passionforscience app and get exclusive insights and information about our Research Xchange Forum on February, 22-23, 2017, in Goettingen|Germany. Register today and benefit from a 10% app discount. #rxf2017

March 16-17, 2017 – Brussels, Belgium: Laborama 2017

Laborama Expo is the most important trade fair for the laboratory sector in Belgium. The event offers producers and distributors of laboratory equipment a platform where they can show their products, discuss current trends and enhance their network within the market. Visit Sartorius and discover our entire range of lab products and services. Booth C4.

Browse through our professional trainings

Our training courses will enable you to extend your theoretical and practical knowledge of the constantly evolving lab requirements and standards to enhance the efficiency and productivity of your workflows. Find out everything about our multifaceted course offering here:

New poster: Sartorius’ innovative lab solutions

You’ll sure love our LPS portfolio poster – and not just because it gives you a convenient overview of our products, services and training courses all at a single glance. But also because it has a popular scientist’s quote on the reverse. Download it now or just contact your local sales representative.

February 22-23, 2017 – Goettingen, Germany: Research Xchange Forum

Attend our Research Xchange Forum to be involved in the latest developments in cancer research and establish collaborations with like-minded companies and academics. Check out the highlighted oncology topics and the speaker line-up on our event website and register today.

Discover our Sartorius service

Providing you with the right services is essential to ensure your instruments operate at their best, delivering reliable results. Our service team will be happy to advise you: Because your success is our mission.

Contest winners donate pipettes to university

In our last #passionforscience photo contest, a German Sartorius sales team won the first place. The winning team decided to donate a part of their prize – two pipettes – to the Weihenstephan-Triesdorf University of Applied Sciences. The donee Wolfgang Watermeyer from the Department of Biotechnology and Bioinformatics was excited about this new liquid handling equipment: “The pipettes are great. I like them much better than our previous ones.”

Claristep® syringeless filters: The new easiness

Preparing samples by particle removal is an essential step prior to nearly all analytical techniques such as high pressure liquid chromatography (HPLC). We have developed an easy-to-use and straightforward filtration setup. The manually operated Claristep® filtration system, consisting of a station and filter units, offers a novel way for clarifying your samples prior to analysis.

Effective removal of endotoxins in cell culture applications

Our point-of-use ultrafilter arium® CellPlus helps efficiently remove endotoxins, RNase, DNase, microorganisms and particles. Designed for arium® mini and arium® comfort ultrapure water systems, this sterile-packaged ultrafilter provides the highest safety for your critical cell culture applications. Learn more about arium® CellPlus here:

Cubis® Q-Apps: Increase efficiency & reliability in your weighing process

Download our customer-specific applications, called Q-Apps, to turn your Cubis® laboratory balance into a Cubis® individual. The convenient apps will guide you step by step through the particular weighing process selected. Learn more about the benefits and features of Cubis® Q-Apps here:

February 14, 2017 – LA Abcoude, The Netherlands: Pipetting Forum

Find out about the most important do’s and don’ts at our Pipetting Forum in LA Abcoude, The Netherlands on February 14, 2017. You’ll obtain background information, practical knowledge and tips that even experienced users will find enlightening. Register now:

Research Xchange Forum: Last call for early bird registration

Join our Research Xchange Forum on February 22 & 23, 2017 to get insights into the latest developments in oncology from renowned international industry and academic speakers. The early bird discount for our forum expires on December 15, 2016. So hurry up and register now!

Application Note: Choose your mechanical pipette wisely

Accuracy and precision are two of the most critical aspects when choosing a pipette. Read our application note to learn which other factors need to be considered when selecting a mechanical pipette for your professional laboratory work.

HPLC analysis: The role of ultrapure water

Ultrapure water produced by the arium® pro VF can be used as a beneficial alternative for the mobile phase in HPLC analysis of water-soluble saccharides. Read this G.I.T. Laboratory Journal article to learn more:

December 05-09, 2016 – Moscow, Russia: Zdravookhraneniye 2016

Zdravookhraneniye 2016 is an international exhibition for health care, medical engineering and pharmaceuticals, and one of the largest trade fairs of its kind in Eastern Europe. Visitors can find in depth and comprehensive information here about the latest developments, trends, products and services in various fields. Meet us at the Sartorius booth.

February 22 & 23, 2017: Research Xchange Forum in Goettingen, Germany

Learn all about current trends and challenges in oncology and exchange ideas as to their translation into viable solutions. Our Research Xchange Forum provides keynote lectures from internationally renowned academics and leading biopharma R&D executives, addressing the latest developments in cancer research and treatments. Register now!

November 22-25, 2016 – Moscow, Russia: pharmtech & ingredients

pharmtech & ingredients is currently the largest international exhibition in Russia and the CIS for manufacturing pharmaceutical products, nutritional supplements, blood products and cosmetics. The exhibitors present a wide range of production and packaging equipment, laboratory equipment, technological solutions for creating turn-key pharmaceutical products, clinical trials, clean rooms, and pharmaceutical logistics. Pavilion 2, Hall 8, Booth B303.

November 21-23, 2016 – Mumbai, India: CPhI & P-MEC India

Keep up to date with the latest pharmaceutical solutions at the CPhI & P-MEC India – hosted in South Asia's largest pharma market. Visit Sartorius to learn more about our extensive range of high quality laboratory instruments and to discover our latest products and services. MMRDA Grounds, BKC. Meet us at booth AB42.

Fast and precise moisture analysis with the new MA160

Moisture has a major impact on the quality, perishability, viscosity, shelf-life and price of a product. To enable the use of a rapid moisture analysis you have to adjust your method parameters to these standard procedures. The method development assistant function of the new moisture analyzer MA160 makes this easy as never before.

Application note: Vivaspin® Turbo 4 Ultrafiltration

Our application note explains how to separate proteins and biomolecules economically and ergonomically – based on their molecular weight by using Vivaspin® Turbo 4. Learn more here:

Flow cytometry applied to plant reproductive biology

In this American Laboratory article, the authors Diego H. Hojsgaard and Elmar Herbig evaluate the effects of using ultrapure water produced by the arium® pro VF water system on the quality of the results obtained by flow cytometric analysis. Learn what makes the arium® system a time effective and economical alternative for the analysis of relative ploidies in plant materials.

Low Retention Tips: Maximize your sample recovery

Pipetting accuracy and precision are the key factors for successful experiments in the laboratory. Achieve the best pipetting performance by matching your tip and pipette perfectly and by using a tip that is optimal for the specific liquid you want to transfer. Save valuable reagents and reduce sample loss with Sartorius' Low Retention Tips:

GMP requirements in weighing

Workflows in the pharmaceutical industry are supported by thorough quality assurance measures and comprehensive documentation. The binding regulatory requirements for such quality assurance and documentation are constituted by Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and Good Laboratory Practice (GLP). Read how our Cubis® and Secura® laboratory balances incorporate the quality features demanded by the industry to fulfill binding GMP and GLP requirements.

Prevention instead of decontamination

Sartorius' touch-free membrane transfer with Microsart® @media dishes and @filter units provides a beneficial method for microbial enumeration. This single-use system requires just a few steps from sampling to incubation, making workflows more efficient. More reliable results can be obtained while reducing secondary contamination to an absolute minimum. Read the article by Jasmin Grigat:

Lab Innovations 2016

The Lab Innovations 2016 at the NEC is the UK’s only event dedicated to laboratory professionals. The event allows you to meet with suppliers and source the latest products and services, whilst keeping up to date with industry trends. Discover Sartorius' broad range of laboratory products and solutions for your lab applications. Booth E2.

Vivaspin® 20: Buffer exchange within minutes

During the preparation of recombinant proteins, buffer exchange is a crucial and delicate step. Traditionally, the dialysis is an overnight process. With Vivaspin® devices, buffer exchange can be performed within minutes by diafiltration – a fast and easy-to-use alternative. Read our application note to learn how you can reduce process time drastically:

analytica Anacon India & India Lab Expo

analytica Anacon India and India Lab Expo are held at the same time since 2015. Together, these two events build the leading platform for analysis, laboratory and biotechnology on the Indian subcontinent. Both exhibitions cover the entire value chain for industrial and research laboratories. Visit Sartorius to know more about our extensive range of high quality laboratory instruments, high grade consumables and to discover our latest products and services. Meet us at HITEX Exhibition Center Hall 1, Booth B-1.

Ultrapure water for RNA technologies

In situ hybridisation enables m RNA transcripts to be detected in tissue sections. The use of RNase-free water, chemicals, and materials in this sensitive detection method is extremely important to prevent degradation of the RNA probe. This application note shows how the most stringent requirements for water purity were achieved by using the Sartorius arium® pro VF system:

ETIF Argentina

ETIF is the most referential event for the pharmaceutical industry in South America. For three days, members of the pharmaceutical, biotechnological, veterinary and cosmetic industry exhibit the latest technological innovations, the most recent products and services and all the latest news this market in constant development has to offer. Discover Sartorius' latest technology and solutions. Booth 288.

How to select a mechanical pipette

Mechanical pipettes are everyday tools that are widely used in laboratories of all kinds. As the life time of a pipette extends to a decade or even longer, it is important to pay attention to the different attributes influencing the pipetting experience in the long term such as ergonomics and comfort.Read our application note to learn how to easily find the right mechanical pipette for your individual requirements:

Analytica China

Analytica China is the international trade fair for laboratory technology, analysis and biotechnology in China. Its unique exhibition profile unites all topics that pertain to modern analysis in research and industry. Check out Sartorius' entire range of lab equipment and services. Booth N1 1210.

Making lab water has never been easier

arium® mini, our compact ultrapure water system, can be installed without requiring a service engineer. The intuitive menu guides you through the entire setup process, so you can be sure you will be making the highest quality water right away! Learn more about the revolutionary features of arium® mini:

World of Technology & Science (WoTS)

The World of Technology & Science consists of four worlds: the World of Automation, the World of Laboratory, the World of Motion & Drives and the World of Electronics. Visitors from industry, laboratories, healthcare and science have the opportunity to visit a wide and strong technology offering in one period at a single location. Drop by our Sartorius booth and discover our latest, award-winning products: Hall 7 | Booth A110.

European metrology institutes met at Sartorius

On September 20 and 21, 2016, Sartorius for the first time hosted the working group meeting of the European Cooperation in Legal Metrology (WELMEC). Around 40 representatives of metrology institutes from 22 European countries met in Göttingen, Germany, to work on establishing common standards for balance guidelines. These standards should allow that, for example, certified scales can be approved by the same method in any country of the EU.

Creative scientists in our photo gallery

It's great to see how much fun you have with our products. Our pipettes Tacta and Picus® NxT seem do be among your favorites when posing in front of our #passionforscience photo wall. Check out the photo gallery for more creative pics.

Happy winners of our second photo contest

Congratulations to the two teams from India, who reached the first and second place in our second #passionforscience photo contest. The team competition ended in March 2016. As the pictures show, our winners enjoy their prizes and had lots of fun at the gift handover ceremony at Sartorius India, which took place just a few days ago.

Sartorius Service: A strong team dedicated to your success

Experience the advantages of our first-class equipment qualification, preventive maintenance and calibration, and benefit from our comprehensive training courses – all tailored to your needs. Learn more about how Sartorius Service ensures the high quality of your lab results:

1st Place - Congratulations

2nd Place

3rd Place

Red Dot Award for Tacta

Tacta, our perfectly balanced mechanical pipette, received the prestigious Red Dot Design Award in the category "Product Design 2016". One of the decisive criteria for this distinction was the jury's assessment of the product's ergonomic design and easy handling: "Due to its sophisticated ergonomics and pleasant volume, the pipette is easy on the hand. The individual functional areas are clearly structured."Learn more about the superb comfort and reliability of Tacta:

Precise weighing with Sartorius in your lab

Check out our lab weighing catalog to find your optimal weighing solution: Discover our wide range of laboratory balances, our moisture analyzers and mass comparators as well as our weights and weight sets. Furthermore, you and your instruments benefit from our extensive service offers.

Lab Water Academy: Learn how to work efficiently with your lab water system

In our Lab Water Academy you will gain valuable background knowledge on types of water impurities and the classification of water. You'll also get to know best practices for efficiency, correct quality and quality consistency for your lab water purification. More information and registration:

CACLP Expo & Bode IVD Industry Forum

CACLP is the annual get-together time for our IVD industry and for IVD enterprises to show their strengths and achievements. Established in 1990, CACLP Expo is now the largest, most professional and most influential tradeshow in China IVD industry. Sartorius will display its entire range of lab equipment and NC membranes. Booth 449-450.

Meet Tacta – The new perfectly balanced mechanical pipette

Enjoy the ultimate pipetting experience: Feel the comfort of superb ergonomics, stay safe from contamination and achieve reliable results time after time.Check out more benefits of Tacta:

Win one of our great team prizes!

In our new #passionforscience photo contest, we are looking for the coolest and funniest pics of your science team. Enter the competition now and collect most votes by March 31! To reward your great team spirit and your creativity, we prepared awesome prizes you can enjoy together with your colleagues:1st Place: One sofa to hang out together and relax in between hard work sessions in your break room (examplary picture).2nd Place: An espresso machine to get you motivated and to enjoy your #passionforscience even more.3rd Place: Lab coats for your entire team with “I love being a scientist” message.4th-50th Place: An enjoyable #passionforscience surprise package.Good luck!

Do you use your analytical or microbalance correctly?

Analytical balances and microbalances react to even the slightest change in ambient conditions or other physical variables. Read our expert tips to ensure the highest level of precision and reliable measuring results:

Improve the safety of your quality-critical processes

Get to know Sartorius' premium products for microbial limit testing, sterility testing, air monitoring and mycoplasma detection. Check out our a wide range of dedicated products for microbial limit testing in our comprehensive catalog:

Optimize your pipetting ergonomics

Does repetitive pipetting sometimes feel exhausting or painful to you? You are not alone: Studies show that more than 40% of lab professionals suffer from pipetting-caused disorders. Read how you can reduce your risk of repetitive strain injury (RSI) while pipetting:

How to find the perfect test weight for your balance

Regular testing of balances is essential to ensure reliable weighing results. Therefore, Sartorius offers highly accurate metrological weights and weight sets with nominal mass values from 1 mg to 1,000 kg. Learn how you find the right test weight for your balance easily:

Show us your passionate science team!

The first cool team pics have been submitted to our new #passionforscience contest. Check them out now and upload your own great group shots by March 31. Awesome team prizes await you!

Monitoring the quality of water and beverages

Reliable results, ready-to-use, trouble-free storage: Check out our video on nutrient pad sets for colony counting and learn how they help you analyzing water and beverages easily:

Do you maintain your laboratory water system properly?

Pure laboratory water is crucial for good science and reliable results. Read our maintenance tips and learn how to get the best performance from your laboratory water system:

Become part of our #passionforscience video

Also in 2016, our #passionforscience video shall continue to grow. But therefore we need your help: Create your own short clip of moving a Sartorius product from the right side of the screen to the left and upload it to our app. We can't wait to see your takes!

arium® mini – The only system with bagtank technology

Benefit from the most advanced tank system for daily water usage of up to 10 liters. Avoid time-consuming tank cleaning cycles with dangerous chemicals. Feed the system with pretreated water or connect it to a tap to produce Type 1 water.Discover arium® mini here:

Sartorius donates lab equipment to Seeding Labs

What is the source of your #passionforscience? At Sartorius, we are proud to donate new equipment, instrumentation, and laboratory supplies to Seeding Labs and its Instrumental Access program that equips scientists in the developing world. Learn more about our partnership with Seeding Labs:

New contest: May the coolest team pics win!

Science is for team players. So in our new #passionforscience photo contest we are looking for the funniest, most creative and most passionate pictures of your science teams. Upload your photo and get as many votes as you can by March 31, 2016.

Let your balance be your guide

Cubis® offers you personlized solutions for your laboratory weighing applications with a wide variety of downloadable Q-Apps: You and your operators can adapt or fully personalize them according to your workflows or even configure them to meet your special requirements right from the start.Learn more about Q-Apps and test them for free:

And the winners are ...

All votes are counted! Congratulations to the passionate scientists who uploaded the most amazing photos. And a big thank you to everyone else who supported the contest by sharing the word and submitting fantastic #passionforscience pics. There is no need to be sad if your photo is not among our top 3 or top 50. Very soon you will have the next chance to win great prizes. Stay tuned.

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Thank your for being part of our community and for sharing your #passionforscience with us in 2015. We look forward to seeing you again in the new year. Have a wonderful 2016!

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Let the year end successfully – for example by winning one of our great #passionforscience prizes! There are still a few days left to join our photo contest, collect lots of last minute votes for your pic and get yourself an awesome belated Christmas present. Go for it!

Video review: Lab Technology Forum 2015

Last month we held our 1st European Lab Technology Forum in Goettingen. Sartorius welcomed experts from the pharmaceutical and biotech industries who covered trends and challenges in quality assurance and regulatory compliance. Watch the highlights of the event in our video review:

Merry Christmas to all passionate scientists!

Our #passionforscience team wishes you a happy and peaceful Christmas! Enjoy the holiday season with your family and friends!

Travel through our company's history

The end of the year is always a popular time to look back. Why not looking back a bit further? Follow us on Pinterest to join our journey through time. You will meet influential figures and get to know Sartorius milestones, product innovations and lots of interesting anecdotes from the past 140 years.

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Which are your favorite photos within our #passionforscience contest? You have 5 votes to support the best submissions and help them win. You already voted but changed your mind? No problem. Until December 31, you can withdraw your votes at any time and give them to other pictures. So the voting remains exciting until the end!

Centrisart®* – The silent centrifuge family

Do you already know our Centrisart®* centrifuges? Enjoy the virtually noiseless operation and the high performance. Choose from different speeds, capacities and cooling options. And rely on the highest safety level thanks to our automatic rotor recognition for maximum speed detection. Learn more:*not available in UK

Sartorius donates to healthcare of refugees in Northern Iraq

With the initiative “Christmas Donations Instead of Gifts”, Sartorius donated 75,000 Euros to action medeor e. V., a European medical aid organization. This financial aid will benefit people in refugee camps in northern Iraq. The action medeor organization together with local partners at health stations is providing refugees with pain relievers, antibiotics and medical equipment.(image: ©action medeor | B. Betzelt)

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The easiest way to learn about integrated applications

Would you like to measure the weight of a sample with high accuracy? Or do you need to compound components according to a formula, but don’t want to mix them immediately? Easy. Our application videos show you how you use the features of your Sartorius lab balance most efficiently and always gain the best results.

Win a trip to Germany!

Have you already collected enough votes for your best #passionforscience picture? The photo with the most likes by December 31 will win a trip for 2 to the Sartorius headquarters in Goettingen, Germany. And there are lots of other prizes waiting for the top 2-50 pics of our contest: A Samsung Galaxy Tab 4, a Runtastic Orbit 24 activity tracker or one of our #passionforscience surprise packages could be yours soon. Go ahead, share your photo and get as many votes as you can!

Young scientist experiments with Sartorius balance

It's always awesome to see when kids already show a strong #passionforscience. Check out this cool video project by a young girl experimenting with a vintage Sartorius balance!

The new syringeless and fast Claristep® filtration system

Claristep® is one of the new members of our #passionforscience family. The ergonomic filtration system allows you to filter up to 8 samples simultaneously – without needing any power supply or a vacuum|pressure source. Discover more benefits:

When was the last time you cleaned your balance?

Keeping a lab balance cleaned and maintained can dramatically increase the life of your balance and the quality of your weighing results. Read our article for lots of useful tips on how to get the most out of your balance:

Only one month left

Hurry up! There are only a few days left to enter our contest. So take a cool #passionforscience photo of yourself with a Sartorius product and upload it now. And don't forget to encourage your friends and colleagues to vote for you. The pics with the most likes by December 31 win great prices. Good luck!

Customized Training for Laboratory Professionals

Join our Sartorius Lab Academy to obtain updates on the most recent and relevant regulatory changes as well as on general news in your industry. For most effective learning, our training programs are custom-tailored to your specific needs and daily routines. Sign up now!

#passionforscience knows no age

Check out the cool video of three young microbiologists who conducted an amazing science project with the help of Sartorius equipment. With their project that aims to solve the food crisis, these high school girls already won several prizes including the Grand Prize of the 2014 Google Science Fair.


The 25th International Exhibition of Health Care, Medical Engineering and Pharmaceuticals 'Zdravookhraneniye' will bring together all the key players under one roof, providing you with a compelling networking opportunity in the shortest time possible. Visit Sartorius and share your #passionforscience with us. Moscow Expocentre – Hall 2.1 | Booth C04.

Get to know Claristep® and Centrisart®*

Today, it’s our turn again to share our #passionforscience with you: We are proud to announce two new products for you to discover: Claristep®, our new practical sample preparation kit, and Centrisart®*, our virtually silent centrifuge family. Discover their benefits!* not available in UK

We can't wait to see your takes

Help us to create the longest #passionforscience video ever! Just go to the video section and click on the camera symbol in the upper right corner of the app to shoot a video or chose one you already shot. Our film script is that simple: Move one of your Sartorius products from the right side of the screen to the left as if passing it on to the person in the next video clip. Need some inspiration? Check out our current video that grows and grows and grows ...

Pharmtech & Ingredients

Pharmtech & Ingredients is currently the largest international exhibition in Russia and the CIS presenting equipment, raw materials and technologies for manufacturing pharmaceutical products, nutritional supplements, blood products and cosmetics. Discover Sartorius' solutions for your lab. Hall 2 | Booth B303.

Biopharma Mexico

BioPharma Mexico is the only event that brings together all the business units from biopharma to tackle the issues of the Mexican Pharma market. The 2-day conference presents solutions to successfully enter and operate in the Latin American market. Come to the Sartorius booth to experience our #passionforscience live. Booth 1.

2015 Chem Show

The Chem Show helps engineers, plant managers and other CPI professionals find the latest equipment, technology and resources they need to meet the growing demands for increased production and efficiency. Visit Sartorius at booth 740.

LabQuiz: Does your knowledge of lab balances measure up?

As you surely already know, Cubis® is the first series of lab balances to feature a completely modular design. But how well do you know your way with lab balances in general? Weigh your knowledge in our lab quiz!

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Don't be shy! Show us your #passionforscience and win great prizes. Just take a creative, funny or passionate pic of yourself with a Sartorius product. Upload your photo now and share it with your friends to get as many likes as you can by December 31, 2015. Most votes wins!

New video: Discover Sartorius!

What does it mean to be a Sartorian? In our new video you can take a peek inside our company and meet employees from different departments. Learn how we live our #passionforscience!


Hosted this year by Chile Biotech, ProChile and Asembio, the conference is gathering strong European support and is expected to draw an even bigger audience of engaged life science professionals than in its first edition last year. Come to our booth and check out our latest products and services for you. Booth 20.

Be part of our #passionforscience community

Discover Sarorius' #passionforscience and visit our events around the globe. With our #passionforscience photo box you can print pics of yourselves and upload them to our photo gallery at the same time...

Medica – World Forum for Medicine

Medica is the world‘s largest medical marketplace annually organized in November in Duesseldorf, Germany. Discover our extensive portfolio of lab filtration solutions as well as our balances, pipettes and other lab equipment. Hall 03 | B12

Trends and Challenges in Quality Assurance and Regulatory Compliance

Almost 100 international experts from the pharmaceutical and biotech industry, universities and the National Regulatory & Safety Institutes have gathered in Goettingen, Germany, today and tomorrow to discuss topics of high interest around quality control, development, production and inspection.

Sartorius presents: 1st European Lab Technology Forum

Our program focuses on the latest trends and challenges in quality assurance and regulatory compliance. Share novel approaches and knowledge with international experts from the pharmaceutical industry, biotech industry, universities as well as the National Regulatory Safety Institute. Sartorius College | Goettingen, Germany.

Here we go Lab Innovations 2015

Now in its fourth year, the UK's only event dedicated to laboratory professionals returns to the NEC for the biggest and best edition yet! Inform yourself with over 100 leading exhibitors, 20+ inspirational free seminars. Get to experience Sartorius' latest lab solutions. Booth E3.

Asia Pacific Metrology Symposium

The Asia Pacific Metrology Programme (APMP) is a grouping of national metrology institutes (NMIs) from the Asia-Pacific region. The 31st APMP General Assembly and its related activities are hosted by the national institute of metrology (NIM), China. Sartorius will present its weighing technology and other high-quality products at this conference. Booth 9.

Visit us at the BCEIA in China

The 2015 Beijing Conference and Exhibition on Instrumental Analysis (BCEIA) is a large-scale international conference and exhibition on analyzing and testing. Sartorius will show its entire range of lab equipment and services. You are welcome to visit our booths F28, F30, G27 and G29.

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As of today, the #passionforscience app is officially available in Apple's App Store. We kindly ask all iPhone users to download the app again from there to ensure you will receive future updates. Please delete the old version. For Android users nothing has changed. Enjoy your #passionforscience app!

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Show us your #passionforscience, as well, and send us a picture of yourself with a Sartorius product by December 31, 2015. Impress the #passionforscience community and get as many votes as you can. Be inspired by our current top 3... The picture with the highest number of votes will win a trip to Goettingen, Germany!1st Prize: A trip for 2 to the Sartorius headquarters in Goettingen, Germany. 2nd Prize: A 25% order discount + a Samsung Galaxy Tab 4.3rd Prize: A Runtastic Orbit 24 activity tracker in #passionforscience design. 4th to 50th Prize: A #passionforscience surprise package.

Join us at the PDA Micro Conference

PDA 10th Annual Global Conference on Pharmaceutical Microbiology will address pressing challenges to product quality and infection control in today’s global market. Bethesda North Marriott Hotel and Conference Center in Bethesda, Maryland, USA. You'll find Sartorius at booth 102.

Discover Sartorius' Portfolio at Expo DICLAB

Expo Diclab 2015 is the largest exhibition for leading suppliers of products and services for laboratory analysis and life sciences research in Mexico. Visit us to learn more about our innovative products & solutions and meet our specialists. Booth 31-32.

Visit Sartorius at the 2015 RPPA Global Workshop

This workshop focuses on customers who use the reverse phase protein array (RPPA) technology. Visit the Sartorius booth at George Mason University in Manassas, Virginia, USA.

India Lab Expo & analytica Anacon India Exhibition

India Lab Expo & analytica Anacon India are the biggest show in laboratory, analysis and biotechnology field in India. You will find our exhibition of lab weighing, lab water, microbiology, ultrafiltration and pipetting products in Hall 1 | Booth B-1.

Discover Sartorius at Labvolution's smartLAB in Hanover, Germany

Get to know the fully networked smartLAB of the future. Labvolution and Biotechnica open their doors for you. Together with other companies and scientists, Sartorius developed a model lab of the future. Hall 9 | E67.

Visit us at the Test Lab in Nanjing, China

Starting today you have the chance to visit us at the 7th China Third-party Testing Forum. Check out Sartorius' entire range of lab equipment and services. Nanjing Jinling Hotel, Booth No. 7.

Visit us at JASIS 2015 in Chiba, Japan

At our booth at the Japan Analytical & Scientific Instruments show 2015 you can learn everything about our latest products and services. Experience #passionforscience live at Makuhari International Exhibition Hall, Booth 6B-705.

What is #passionforscience for Sartorius?

1. We work with dedication and attention to detail to develop new laboratory products & services for you.2. We adopt new technologies and explore trend-setting features to facilitate and accelerate your workflows.3. We strive to enable connectivity across the board to take your data flow to the next level.For you, we are turning science into solutions.

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We are starting out today and hope our global community will grow quickly. Discover everything you can do with your new app. Share your #passionforscience pictures and videos with your friends. Fall in love with the pictures of others and vote for them in our photo contest. Your Sartorius #passionforscience team