Research Xchange Forum 2017

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Research Xchange Forum 2018

Trends and Challenges in Regenerative Medicine and Cell Therapy
March 20-21, 2018

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Summary 2017

Trends and Challenges in Oncology 

In February 2017 the Research Xchange Forum took place in Goettingen, Germany. This new platform was brought to live to learn about the latest insights from the fields of oncology and exchanging ideas as to their translation into viable solutions. Lectures given by 12 internationally renowned academics and leading biopharma R&D executives provided insights into the latest developments of their specific cancer research and therapy approaches.


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Lectures –

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  • JUNO Therapeutics, Senior Vice President
  • Company focus: Development of novel cellural immunotherapies at clinical-stage

Everybody has had some bad experience with cancer. If I can – with my contribution – contribute a little to make that situation better for us, then I have achieved very much.

The integration of single-use technology in fill and finish guarantees a high effective running machine while reducing the risk of cross-contamination and ensuring higher handling and production safety. Additionally, the overall efficiency is increasing due to skipping several cleaning and production steps. 


Watch Dr. Germeroth‘s interview


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  • Immunocore, Senior Scientist
  • Company focus: Development of immunotherapeutic drugs

    It is asking questions and solving them and then asking the next question and that in a context of everything that I've done in terms of science.

    The development of a unique biologic platform to produce Immune mobilising monoclonal TCRs Against Cancer (ImmTAC) joins a growing armamentarium of immunotherapies that offer exciting approaches to deliver durable antibody responses in oncology.


    Watch Nicola Smith‘s interview


    Watch Prof. Dr. Maja Köhn's entire lecture

    • Biotech Research & Innovation Center (BRIC), University of Copenhagen
    • Research focus: Tumor heterogeneity (cholangiocarcinoma)

    The interaction can maybe be difficult to set up but my experience is that if you do get to talk the closed doors are minimized.

    The novo findings from this trial highlight the multiplicity of mutation-based pathologies and pinpoint novel precision-based therapeutic strategies to pursue for intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma, and potentially, in future basket trials of diverse tumors using a similar stratification approach.


    Watch Prof. Dr. Andersen's interview


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    • Institute of Molecular Oncology, Göttingen Center of Molecular Biosciences, GZMB
    • Research focus: Analysis of impaired DNA replication, and the signaling cascades elicited by DNA damage

    The exchange between academia and industry can be improved a lot. It's a very hopeful event, fostering discussions. I had very vivid discussions with people from different parts of the industry.

    New discoveries in p53 research elucidate that the p53-Mdm2 system provides means to maintain DNA integrity and chromatin stability. These novel activities provide potential targets and opportunities for selectively interfering with tumor cell proliferation.


    Watch Prof. Dr. med. Dobbelstein's interview


    Watch Prof. Dr. med. Dobbelstein's entire lecture

    • Avicenna Oncology, Founder and CEO
    • Company focus: Precision medicine and drug conjugates against resistant cancers

    It's very important to understand what drives the people in academia. They have a different agenda. The agenda is to publish, is to learn, is to be involved, to feel considered in the findings.

    Antibody drug conjugates (ADCs) seek to combine the cytotoxic potential of a pharmacologically active small-molecule drug with the specificity of mAbs. During this session, different types of ADC constructs, promising conjugation technologies, and also the challenges of ADCs are introduced.


    Watch Zaki Sellam's interview


    Watch Zaki Sellam's entire lecture

    • The Cell and Gene Therapy Catapult, Senior Process Development Scientist
    • Company focus: Cell and gene therapy

    Just the idea that you can help someone, that you can save someones live or you just can improve their lifestyle - it's so rewarding, that is enough.

    Facing the challenges in the development of suspension-based autologous cell therapies and manufacturing of personalized medicinal products using cell culture under GMP-conditions this study presents ways to overcome obstacles by employing the ambr 250 modular expansion system from Sartorius.


    Watch Dr. Fraser's interview


    Watch Dr. Fraser's entire lecture

    • Central European Institute of Technology (CEITEC)
    • Research focus: Non-coding RNAs (microRNA, lncRNA)

    During 10 years the number of the papers increased from 1 to 80.000 and from the translation perspective, something which was completely unknown 10 years ago now has approved diagnostics which are used in clinical routine.

    Based on recent observations, state-of-the-art knowledge of ncRNAs’ functioning in cancer biology as well as their translational potential to serve as disease biomarkers in diagnostics and as novel therapeutic targets in cancer therapy are summarized and demonstrated by providing several examples.


    Watch Prof. Dr. Slabý's interview


    Watch Prof. Dr. Slabý's entire lecture

    • University College London (UCL), Innovation & Technology Transfer Manager
    • Research focus: Biochemical Engineering

    The key is that we got to a stage where we are able to predict large scale processing using milliliters of quantities of process materials.

    The research presented here focuses on USD studies of the bioprocessing of antibody products, the use of flocculation as a solution to processing challenges and the combined study of centrifugation and depth filtration as options in the primary recovery of a mammalian expression system.


    Watch Dr. Alex Chatel's interview


    Watch Dr. Alex Chatel's entire lecture

    Dr. Laurent Sagalowicz, Switzerland

    • NESTLÉ, Expert Delivery Systems-Encapsulation
    • Company focus: Nutrition, Health and Wellness.

    Dr. Thordur Oskarsson, Germany

    • Heidelberg Institute for Stem Cell Technology and Experimental Medicine (HI-STEM gGmbH), German Cancer Research Center DKFZ)
    • Research focus: Metastatic niches (extracellular matrix)

    Dr. Jamel Chargui, France

    • Innate Pharma, Procurement Manager, Marseille
    • Company focus: Discovery and development of therapeutic antibodies

    Panel Discussion –

    watch the controversial discussion with 3 external experts about how to improve knowledge transfer within the interplay of academia, industry and society

    Assoc. Prof. Dr. Jesper Bøje Andersen, Denmark

    • Biotech Research & Innovation Center (BRIC), University of Copenhagen
    • Research focus: Tumor heterogeneity (cholangiocarcinoma)

    Prof. Dr. Kilian Bizer, Germany

    • University of Goettingen | Innovation Campus Lower Saxony (SNIC)
    • Company focus: Cross-linking between science and business

    Dr. Lothar Germeroth, Germany

    • JUNO Therapeutics, Senior Vice President
    • Company focus: Development of novel cellural immunotherapies at clinical-stage

    Michael Melingo, Germany

    • Industry expert
    • Former member of the Group Executive Committee and former Executive Vice President LPS Marketing | Sales | Services Sartorius

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    Impressions from former Sartorius Forums

    Impressions Sterility Testing Forum 2016

    Sterility Testing of Drug Products – Challenges for Quality Departments

    This Forum provides a neutral platform for discussion, exchange and networking for our customers to discuss with their peers to increase their network and gain more information on latest trends.

    Dr. Susanne Roederstein,
    Director Microbiology Marketing, Sartorius


    On this event Sartorius and BD jointly focused with experts from the industry on Sterility Testing of Drug Products - Challenges for Quality Departments. International experts from the pharmaceutical and biotech industry and the National Regulatory & Safety Institutes covered topics of high interest around quality control, development, production and inspection.

    Marissa Baa-Lambert

    Business Director Industry Western Europe
    BD, Germany

    Christophe Buire

    Key Account Manager Fluid Management
    Raumedic, Germany

    Tabea Hillmayr

    Laboratory Head and Head of QC Langenargen
    Vetter, Germany

    Florian Kauder

    Project Manager Single Use Equipment
    Bosch, Germany

    John Kinsella

    BioOutsource, UK

    Hans Noordergraaf

    Microbiological Expert EPD
    Abbott Biologicals, Netherlands

    Dr. Verena Peters

    Laboratory Head and Head of QC Microbiology Mooswiesen
    Vetter, Germany

    Ives Scholler

    Sales Manager
    SKAN, Switzerland

    Dr. Utta Schurig

    Scientist for regulatory affairs | specialisation microbial safety
    Paul Ehrlich Institute, Germany

    Marcus Schütte

    Product Manager Microbiology
    Sartorius, Germany

    Karen Storm

    Vice President LPS Marketing
    Sartorius, Germany

    Klaus Ullherr

    Senior Product Manager
    Bosch, Germany

    Impressions Lab Technology Forum 2015

    Trends and Challenges in Quality Assurance and Regulatory Compliance

    In meetings like this I learn a lot about the requirements of all the different groups involved in the laboratory work flows.

    Dr. Gerhard Noelken, United Kingdom,
    former Senior Director Technology & Innovations at Pfizer


    Prof. Dr. Hartmut Dunkelberg

    Consultant for Infection Control and Hygiene
    University of Goettingen, Germany

    Dr. Benoit Ramond

    Senior Expert, Microbiology Sanofi Group
    Sanofi, France

    Prof. Thomas Scheper

    Managing Director, Institute of Technical Chemistry
    University of Hanover, Germany

    Dr. Silke Gnädig-Protat

    Head of Instrumental Analysis and Dissolution
    Berlin-Chemie AG, Germany

    Oliver Karo

    Assessor for Microbiological Safety Regulations
    Paul-Ehrlich Institute, Germany

    Dr. Gerhard Noelken

    Senior Director in the Technology & Innovation group
    Pfizer, UK

    Dr. Horst Ruppach

    Global Manager Viral Clearance and Global Coordinator Virology
    Charles River Biopharmaceutical Services GmbH, Germany

    Dr. Martin Schwabe

    Quality Control, Head of Environmental Monitoring
    CSL Behring, Germany

    Dr. Dirk Vollenbroich

    Minerva Biolabs GmbH, Germany

    Dr. Kevin Williams

    Senior Scientist, RND – Endotoxin
    Lonza, USA